Lago De Yojoa

The bus from San Pedro Sula was an experience. As we drove through the town towards the highway, various people boarded to sell their wares. As well as the food, drinks and newspapers being sold, we witnessed a man stand at the front, give some spiel in Spanish before removing his shoe to reveal a toe-less foot. He then kind of hopped up the bus taking money off everyone. Good show. Bravo. I still don’t know if it was a sympathy thing or a magic show. Two clowns also got on the bus, amused everyone and then sold crayons and things. The mega bus should be more like this.

After a cramped journey of a couple of hours, we arrived at D&D brewery. It is an upmarket place with backpacker prices. We unpacked, showered and went out in search of some food. After a stroll through town and with no sign of street food, we settled on a little restaurant opposite our place of stay and excitedly ordered some fish and chips. Dom had a massive fish. Mine was quite big but was small in comparison. I had the last laugh though as hers was under cooked.


Big fish, little fish, banana chips.

After food we headed back to our new home and had a glass of beer. The brewery is the only place that does craft beer in the whole of Honduras. Shattered from a long day we again had an early night.

We had a lay in on Sunday. Only until about 9am but it felt good. We washed, dressed and headed into town for breakfast. Our choice of eatery was a tiny place on the main road. After ordering some pupusa’s, a kind of fried pizza thing that we sometimes made in Belize, we took a seat outside and watched the world go by. The food was good and so too was the coffee. Honduras is the first place in Central America that has had great coffee everywhere. We’ve hardly had anything decent everywhere else and when we have, we’ve had to search hard for it.

With breakfast done we strolled through an archeological site in the jungle and along a raised platform over the wetlands on the edge of the lake. The views were great and we also saw plenty of birds and insects. After a couple of hours we headed back to the brewery to watch the European Championship final between France and Portugal. I originally wanted France to win as I have more French friends than I do Portuguese, but as we got chatting to a nice lad from Portugal, I changed my mind. My decision was a good one as not only did ex manc Ronaldo get stretched off, the underdogs went on to win in extra time.
We celebrated by having a few beers with our new buddy, somethings which he seemed to appreciate a lot, before taking him out to dinner with us. It was more fried food. This time chicken and chips. It wasn’t the best but it was cheap, a small price to pay to enable us to stay away from the UK for longer.


Dom strolling through the jungle armed with a stick to beat off any snakes


Watching the European Championship final with a few beers and some chips n dips

A dog barking and a cockerel, um, shouting, kept us awake most of the night and so we were pretty groggy in the morning. Nothing a bit of grub and an excellent cup of coffee wouldn’t sort out though. Dom had a pupusa again whilst I opted for variety and had a baleano. Following breakfast we went for another hike. The money we paid the taxi driver to take us shoe shopping was paying off with Dom getting her money’s worth out of her new shoes. I got mixed up with our routes and so we ended up walking miles out of our way. It did mean we got to meet another seriously friendly bloke and buy an ice cream from a tuk tuk though so it wasn’t all bad.

When we eventually found the right way, we were rewarded with a great afternoon. We hiked through coffee plantations, up two different hills with views of the lake, along a river with loads of birds on its banks, through lime tree orchards, past cabanas in wonderful surroundings, and finally past an Indian burial site. The walk took us about five hours in total but really flew by.


More jungle action


Selfie by the river


View of the lake from the top of a hill. The park was awesome

Wanting a change from fried food and to get something healthy into our bodies before we hit the road again, we decided to eat at the place we are staying. It is a little bit more expensive than the places in the village, but was worth every penny. It was filling and had vegetables. A rare treat for us these days.

Apart from drinking beer, something which we can’t afford to do on a daily basis, there isn’t much to do here in the evenings so yeah, you guessed it, we went to bed early again. Ah well, never mind. An early start and more adventures await us.
Nos da, bon voyage!


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