Lobster Fest


Our final day of volunteering was the day before the eagerly awaited lobster fest, and so a few belikins and rums were in order, not in the same glass mind. As most of my work mates either don’t like me or live in the sticks, it was up to my bezzie mate out here, Deon, to fly the flag for the rest of the staff. He didn’t come and rescue me from the office early as planned, and so after I finished work I hooked up with Dom’s leaving party. We met in a bar close to our house and had a few there. Deon turned up and after a couple more beers we took the party outside.


Our new venue was the private dock me and Dom sometimes swim off. It’s got an amazing ocean view and if there was a bar attached to it, you’d be paying top dollar for the location alone. The night was fun and passed in a blur. Not the kind of preparation you want for a further few days of drinking. A warm up is always good but that was like running a marathon before you do the 100 meters.

Lobster fest is held in two separate locations: Placencia and Caye Caulker. We went to the Placencia one, a beautiful little town that is not an island but is best got to by boat. On arriving we found our place of stay, an ace apartment that we of course didn’t make the most of, had a couple of cups of coffee to get us back in the game, and headed out for some lobster.

Our first lobster dish was lobster with the Belizean favourite, rice and beans. Not over the moon with it as it was over cooked, we tried something else lobstery. More rice and beans but this time with some excellently cooked lobster.


We ate our fill and headed back to the apartment to meet the rest of the gang who left PG later than us, and to have some drinks. Dom went a bit mental and accidentally put salt in the pina coladas instead of sugar. Every time she tasted it she thought it wasn’t sweet enough (obviously) and threw more salt at it. Eventually she clicked and added more rum to compensate.

After a few salty rums, a drink I actually recommend, we headed out for more lobster and some drinks that didn’t taste of the sea. The lobster was pretty much all sold out but someone very kindly sold me a morsel of lobster for $8. Wow, thanks. The lack of food meant we got extra pissed and boogies (stumbled around the dance floor) until 3am.

We were up again at 8. Dom had to phone her sisters to discuss Brexit, and I had to find a bar to watch the Wales match. With Brexit discussed and bar found, we had a quick shower and a breakfast of omelette, and headed out only slightly less drunk than when we went to bed. Bloody Mary’s were ordered. They are the best hangover cure and day starter known to man. We had a couple of those whilst we watched the boys in red struggle against our cousins from across the water. A boring game ended with the right result and we are through to the quarter finals. Yeee ha! Go on Wales mun!

Next up was a trip to the beach to sample some more of the lobster delights on offer. First up was a couple of summer rolls stuffed with lobster and some Thai green lobster curry which was by far the healthiest things we have eaten in months. After a lounge on the beach and an ice cream, we had some lobster fritters and finally a few lobster panades. I think we covered most bases in our quest to eat loads of lobster and I really wish they had a lobster fest in the UK as I would definitely attend.



Exhausted from the lack of sleep, lobster consumption and the red hot sunshine, we made our way back to PG by boat and bus, a journey that was noting in comparison to what faced us Monday morning.


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