Our time in Belize is over. It has been our home for four months and we have both grown to love the place. I liked it from day one, but for Dom it was a slow burner. Sure, the pace of life is slow, the nightlife is pretty much non existent, and the climate is punishing, but Belize is a magical place full of wonderful people, fantastic nature and plenty of awesome things to do. If you love the sea, Belize is your man. If you love adventure, Belize is your man. If you love the sights and sounds of hundreds of species of wildlife, Belize is your man. If you love rice and beans, then Belize is your ideal partner.

It is a wild country, home to about 350,000 people of varying races, all of whom live together in harmony. Even the national flag bears two men of different skin tones. Great Britain, take note. It is a country with breathtaking scenery and aside from a few issues, mainly plastic consumption, they take conservation seriously. Belize takes care of it’s oceans and forests far better than any of its neighbouring countries. Although poverty is rife, Belizeans are rich. This green country has an abundance of wildlife and resources.


We have made many great friends here. Locals and people from all corners of the world. These new friends ensured life in Belize was fun, exciting and meant we were rarely short of things to do. The only downside to meeting all of these great people is that it means we will miss them all sorely.


Our last day was spent mostly packing, using up ingredients, and saying our goodbyes to some of our friends who are either locals, expats, or other volunteers who haven’t yet departed. We also had a last supper of rice and beans with baked chicken, which was also the first meal we had when we arrived. It is their Sunday roast, their national dish, and is pretty much eaten every day. For a country that boasts diversity on pretty much every other level, food is the one thing that remains consistent.



Our final meal was enjoyed at Joycelyns, a wooden shack overlooking the ocean, the ocean which we would be sailing across to continue our journey South. Midway through dinner the heavens opened, and we had to scramble to shelter before our dinner was washed away and enjoyed by the fishes.

Although our leaving is sad, it hasn’t caused quite the stir as the UK leaving the EU. People have bid us a fond farewell instead of labelling us as racist. No one is up in arms about our choice to go and as far as I am aware, social media is not full of posts from those hoping that we would remain in Belize, informing us that they can no longer be our friends. On the flip side, our decision to leave has not cast uncertainty on the lives of millions, and although our plans are loose, we have at least got a plan, and have chosen to leave of our own accord, and not from the scaremongering of the national media.

Gracias Belize. Adios Amigo!


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