The Belize Lagoon

Wow. I’ve just noticed it has been a month since I last wrote an update. Me bad.

So since we last spoke I organised the ‘Cacao Cook Off’ at the Chocolate Festival of Belize, and even managed to double the amount of entrants from the previous year. It was tough work though. Things are done differently around here and I kind of understand what one of my idols, Rafa Benitez, meant when he said “I asked for a table and they bought me a lampshade’. With that said though, there was a lot of things I could have and should have done differently, but I am having to learn on my own and it’s a learning curve for me.

I am also really busy (I am writing this on my lunch break) with trying to raise some funds for my organisation. We are looking to raise $2,500 in total. This money will be used to train and assist the farmers. Click here for more info and to donate. It really is a good cause. It’ll help the farmers, their communities, and even the planet. It’ll even help you and I. The more cacao there is, the more chocolate we get to eat. Everyone’s a winner baby!


We Love Cacao Farmers.

We have also been to Tikal and Flores. An experience so good that I will write a separate post about that. Other than that we haven’t done an awful lot of really exciting stuff. Apart from looking after our friends haunted house in the jungle and me going for a storm snorkel, we have just done the usual: busied ourselves with work, cooked up some awesome dinners, and had the occasional drink on the weekend.


The view from the decking of the haunted jungle house


Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well

So, the weekend just gone was the weekend of The Blue Lagoon festival back home. An awesome party in a beautiful part of the world, and an event that we usually attend. Not wanting to miss out on it, we decided to celebrate the occasion from afar with the help of some bottles of rum, vodka and a good old fashioned water melon. We even got some face painting action going on.

We got up super early (as is the norm these day) did some breakfast, did some shopping and then we got our drinking hats on and gave birth to The Belize Lagoon. The day was spent listening to tunes in the sunshine whilst sipping on our cocktails. It was almost as good as the real thing. Not quite though.


Drinking hat on and face full of paint. Belize Lagoon 2016

We also went for a drunk dip in the sea to cool off, before going for dinner and watching the lightning light up the night sky. Rainy season has started and it is spectacular. These activities were nothing like what was going on across the Atlantic. The sea back home is too cold for my warmth loving body, and a pot noodle in a tent isn’t a patch on Gomiers fish burgers.

Because our early start saw us have an early finish, I’m pretty sure our heads were a lot less sore than our festival buddies back home would have been when we got up super early again on Sunday morning. I still would’ve swapped places with them for the weekend though. As great a day as it was, there is no substitute for The Blue Lagoon.












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  1. Dominique Lyons · June 9, 2016

    Love this! You should post this in the group on FB xxxxx


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