Whales, Fails & Hazy Details

Due to bad internet in work, no internet at home, and a rather busy work schedule, I have neglected the blog recently. The days have passed pretty quickly and the weeks have rolled into one so I can’t really give a detailed account of the last fortnight.

Just like back home we had a bank holiday a couple of weeks ago. That was spent drinking on the Friday and recovering from drinking on the Saturday. I went to a football tournament on the Sunday whilst Dom went to work on her video of the only humpback whale to have lived and died in Belizean waters.

The whale video has had thousands of views (feel free to add to those numbers and share) so was a much greater success than the football tournament, even with my team winning the bloody thing. It turned out that the guy who invited me didn’t even have a team and so we joined one that already had too many players: ‘Jah Roots FC’. With my spaghetti like legs I am more pasta than Rasta but they let me join their team regardless.


Jah Roots FC – Tournament winners, Toledo, Belize, 2016

I didn’t get to play in the first game and only got on for the last thirty seconds of the next match. A young boy of about seven, who I assumed was the coaches son, said I was starting in the third game, the semi finals, and so I took to the pitch and settled into the centre mid position. I played well enough for 5 minutes until the ref saw that we had twelve men on the pitch and I was hauled off. Disgusted with the managers decision, I took off my kit and went to get a beer. It was obvious that the manager didn’t want to play me. You can’t blame him really as no matter that I was probably the best player on the pitch, I shouldn’t really be taking someones place on the team when they play every week. I couldn’t be bothered to be an unused sub in the final so decided to enjoy the rest of the tournament as a spectator whilst having a few beers. On going back to the bar though, I was told it was shut as they had sold out of drinks. So no football and no beer. Great! I know how Frank must’ve felt on those Sundays down Pontcanna.

On the Monday we had a little jolly to Hopkins with Dom’s work. Hopkins is a lovely little seaside place up North. It has only recently had a proper road built and so is relatively unspoiled by tourists. The day started badly. We had to rush our breakfast, needlessly too as after ten minutes on the road we had to return to PG to pick something up that the driver had forgotten, and then we broke down for almost an hour. Then the day got good again as we ate some ‘Hudut’, an awesome Garifuna fish dish, before turning sour again as the sea not only claimed my shades, it broke my snorkel mask as I tried to locate my sunnies. Sea 2 – Lee 0. I didn’t even try to get a point back by pissing in the ocean, it just didn’t seem worth it.


Who dut? It’s Hudut.

As mentioned earlier, the internet in PG was rubbish last week and so apart from having some amazing thunderstorms it was a week to forget.


It’s been scorchio for months. Put a wash on and boom, thunderstorms.

The weekend just gone was a good one though. One of Dom’s work mates was leaving the company to return to the UK and so after a Pina Colada in our yard, we went for a few roof top beers at his house. It was fun but the best bit was waking up on Saturday and getting stuck into the fried breakfast we had treated ourselves to. Bacon, poached egg, mashed sweet potato, baked beans and grilled tomato, the first time we’ve had anything like that since January. It certainly helped the hangover. We then spent the day lounging around watching documentaries which is another rare treat these days.


It may look like something out of a Wetherspoons but it was epic. Such a morale booster and hangover cure.

The internet is kinda working well again now so I have to make the most of it. I have just over a week to sort out my booth at the chocolate festival of Belize and to finalise the cooking competition I am organising. I also have just over a month to run on the crowd funder for the NGO I am volunteering at, so I need to keep pushing that and get a video shot. (Please share and donate if you can. No cacao farmers = No chocolate. Yikes!)

So that’s the fortnight in a nutshell. I can either hear the whip cracking or I’ve just creaked my neck, either way, I’m outta here. I’ll try not to leave it as long next time.






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