No News is Good Snooze

Apologies (to those that actually care) for the lack of posts recently. We have been busy moving into our new house. It was a bit grimy when we arrived but thanks to a woman’s (and new man’s) touch, the place is clean enough to eat your dinner off. There are also no scorpions or cockroaches, and we have our own private outside bit, AKA a garden, and so are well bad happy. 

We now have more utensils than we can shake a stick at. We do not have any sticks though.

Our place has a bit of a feel of a hideout to it, and with this being the view from one of the three escape routes, it’s an ideal place to lie low for a while.


It’s almost like nature built us a table

The view from the bed


The view from the pan. Don’t wake up dear.

As always though, there is a sting in the tail. It is more expensive than our last place, the toilet door doesn’t exist, we have no internet and the TV doesn’t work, so it was a little bit annoying to find out that just after we moved in, a couple of folks from the States needed house-sitters. They have a nice house just round the corner from us which overlooks the sea, has internet and a massive TV with cable. It appears that we used up all of our good timing on our travels to get here.

We have vowed to get in the sea everyday before work but we have been in the house for four nights now and haven’t once gone for a swim. In our defence though, we have gotten up early enough to witness the sunrise pretty much every day but the weather has been too bad to go actually see it or to get into the water. We will fulfil our promise but it may take a week or so.

Other than Dom going manatee watching for three days and not seeing any, us meeting up with a bloke called Tom who we became friends with in Guatemala, me not even getting an interview for Greenpeace, and work being super busy due to a few events next month, there isn’t anything else to report. So sorry for the boring post. It’s my birthday next week (my second 39th as I am saving my 40th for a big bash on my return to the UK) and we have some of our excellent friends are coming to visit, so if you don’t hear from me before then, the next blog post should be epic.







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