The Beast That’s Easter 

I was given Thursday off as I had worked at the AGM last weekend and so my Easter weekend was to be a massive five day affair. There is not much to do around here and when there is, it is too hot do it, and so my first day off was spent doing chores in the shade of the house. I also baked some sad looking hot cross buns for Good Friday.

Hot cross buns that look a bit scotch eggy.

And lucky I did too. We woke up on Friday morning to discover we had run out of gas and that everywhere, and I mean everywhere, was closed. Even the immigration office was shut and we needed them to stamp our passports and extend our visas. That was the main reason we didn’t get a 14 hour bus ride to a regatta up North. Being as laid back as they are though, the passport control dude just said to comeback Tuesday. I told him our visas would run out on the Sunday and asked if we were likely to get punished. He just responded with a shrug of the shoulders and a “It’s OK, the office is shut, there is nothing you could do.” Excellent!

We phoned Dom’s family in the afternoon for a catch up and spent an hour or so chatting to them, before heading out for our first dip in the sea in the month that we’ve been here. We only made it a short distance up the road. We got talking to a couple who invited us in for a drink and to listen to them spin yarns about their time in Belize. It was nice talking (listening) to them but we missed out on our swim. We were supposed to go to a friends house in the evening but for reasons I can’t recall, we ended up staying in and eating raw cake mix.

Saturday came around and I sorted our gas problem out and got a frying pan of coffee on the go. We also cooked the raw cake mix and ate that too. In your face gas. We survived without you. We had decided to attend a charity golf competition in order to rub shoulders with the elite and to do some networking. Our aim was to find some rich Americans who would let us housesit for them whilst they returned to the States. We didn’t find any but Dom only went and won a prize in the ‘nearest the pin’ game. Her shot was off the wall. Literally. She smashed it, it ricochet off a wall and landed almost on the green. We have won a night in a place in the jungle. Three star treatment here we come. Well in Dom!

Chipping for victory

A celebration was in order and so we found some booze in the only place that would sell it to us, a Chinese restaurant, and returned home for rum and cards. Our wild celebrations had somehow whimpered into a caravan holiday. Never mind. I won almost all of the games making me ‘Shit Head’ champion of the world. We were both winners that day.

We again phoned home on Sunday. The seven hour time difference was evident in how drunk everyone at home was, whilst we were sipping our first pina colada of the day. It was also my cousins 40th and so we had a brief chat with him. I’d have liked to have talked longer but he told me that I had all day to drink, and he only had a couple of hours left so he was off to the pub. I love you Skinny!

Screen shot 2016-03-29 at 15.53.54

The finest ‘bird’known to man. That finger should be making him millions. 

Ching ching! Bottoms up ladies

He has seen it all now, video phones the lot.

 With phoning home done, we headed out to try and view a new apartment and to take that elusive dip in the ocean. There was no one home in the apartment that we were trying to view and so we started to cycle off. Just as we were doing so my buddy from work shouted to me from a bus stop on the sea front, and we went over to speak with him. He kindly let us borrow his phone and in no time, we had secured a viewing for a different house but in the same location of town. Within ten minutes or so, very unlike the laid back nature here, a huge car pulled up. The driver, who was almost big as the car, asked if it was us that had called and offered to show us the place. He was so big you  not only don’t want to be late with your rent, you don’t want to be early either. You just want to pay-on-fucking-time. The apartment was great though and we are moving in on Friday. We have a garden, fans, TV, two bedrooms, two bathrooms more than three cooking utensils, and an actual living area that isn’t a table in the hall. It is much more like a flat than a prison cell. Which is nice.

To celebrate we headed back to the bus stop for a few rums. This is how Skinny would’ve wanted me to celebrate his birthday. It’s how I want to celebrate mine every year from now on. We also got in the sea. It was dead warm. I’ve been in colder baths before. It’s really salty too so it’s easy to just lie back and float around.

Group snap shot by the sea that we eventually swam in

Drinking in a bus stop. Just like the good ol days.

 We went back to the flat on Monday to haggle over the price and to finalise a few of our requests. It was a roller coaster of a weekend but one that finished on a high. Our new place is awesome, we’ll swim in the sea every day, and to move house, we only have to pack four rucksacks. Adios amigos!









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