Scrumping In The Jungle

Well I’ve had an excellent couple of days I must say. Although it’s only Thursday I don’t remember Monday so that’s a bonus. Tuesday was exciting. I was heading back to the jungle farm to get some content for some blog posts after spending two weeks in the office. I felt like a war correspondent as I  rode pillion on a motorbike, my rucksack laden with journalist equipment, and although I wasn’t off to the front line, it still felt like certain death was in the air as I clung on to the tin pot excuse for a helmet I was wearing, afraid that it may fall off at any moment. Deaths on the road are quite common here, but I’ve had my fair share of being run over by cars and motorbikes in the past so hopefully my traffic accident days are well and truly behind me.

My transport for the day. Beilizey Rider!

The jungle farm is awesome. I love it and could spend all day there. I got some photos, chatted to the manager and a few of the farmers, and that part of my job was done for the day. Far too quick for my liking. On the way back to the bike, the farm manager showed me an orchard full of jipijapa, the plant used to make Panama hats and baskets. It is also edible so we picked some for a tasty jungle breakfast treat for the following day.

The Jipijapa plant. Not just great for making stuff


Using mother nature to bag it up


There you go, all wrapped up in natures plastic bag


The result. Jungle breakfast. With eggs.

I also found a tree with loads of pea pods on it and so I was soon like a kid in a sweet shop, grabbing what I could and filling my pockets. It’s not called stealing here though. It’s harvesting. The afternoon was spent going through the photos and doing a bit of writing before returning home to finish my job application for Greenpeace.

Our jungle breakfast with eggs were amazing but I thought I was going to throw it up such was my nerves as I edited, re-edited and battled with internet connection to get the application off before the 5pm (UK time) deadline. I literally managed to get it in with a minute to spare. Phew. Now the part of worrying whether I get an interview or not. Fingers crossed. I also found out I had another article published. It’s about a detention centre I visited whilst in Prague last year. It’s not common knowledge so do please read and share.

As it is Easter on Friday, and they celebrate him more here than me and Grees Mun do back at home (in joke – sorry about it), we have been given the day off today. Will I relax though? No chance. I’ve a million household chores and work related tasks to be getting  on with before the four day weekend kicks off. Happy Easter everyone, see you on the other side.



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