As I was working early on Saturday we only planned on having a couple of beers to see off one of Dom’s colleagues who has left the organisation. Of course, once you’ve had a couple of beers you want a couple more, and so we spent the whole evening out. It didn’t really matter. I can hardly sleep at night due to the heat anyway so being intoxicated wasn’t going to cost me an Zzzz’s.

As usual, due to the weather, I felt good when I woke up. I had breakfast and met up with the rest of my colleagues to start setting up the site of the AGM. I was tasked with giving the attendees bars of chocolates and raffle tickets when they arrived as well as gathering content for the blog, so it wasn’t like a day down the mines or anything. Some of the raffle prizes were machetes. Imagine that at home. There’d be murder. Or manslaughter at least.

How can you not feel awake and alive with that view in the morning?

Luckily for everyone I am unlucky and so did not win this in the raffle.

 The turnout was good, better than expected and the meeting was a success with the farmers acknowledging the need for a sustainable cacao industry and the majority agreeing to work together to try and keep the prices stable.

Following the meeting we had lunch. I was gluttonous and had two. Well technically three but I’m calling the third lunch a dessert. I also helped myself to a few bottles of cacao juice which is mega healthy. After lunch we headed to another venue for the meeting ‘after-party’. Something I’ve not really experienced before. I may well have day dreamt of being at a party during a meeting, but this was very different. My lift to the party was on the back of a motorbike which I thought would be a welcome break to the heat but I was wrong. The warm air blowing on my face felt like someone had opened lots of oven doors on me over a period of half an hour or so, burning me and drying my mouth. It was torture. Real good fun torture.

Cacao milk. Very tasty and very good for you

I had more food at the party as there was a free BBQ. Gluttonous as a seagull so I was. There was three plates of chicken and rice on our table but only two of us sat on it, so of course I ended up having two dinners. Was needed though to soak up the free rum anyway. The last thing anyone needed was me out of my tiny little mind.

Once the party was over we crammed ourselves into the back of a truck back to town. Once there me and Dom headed to a place in the middle of nowhere for a night of drinking and acoustic music to celebrate Earth Hour. Alas, the music had finished so we just ended up chatting in the dark and getting bitten by mosquitos.

It was Maya day on Sunday but due to job applications and the lack of public transport on Sundays we didn’t attend. Instead we did admin and I knocked up a couple of cracking dishes with the remains of our massive fish. Soft boiled eggs with rice and fish for our lunchtime breakfast, and a fish noodle soup for dinner. Well done me.

The one that got away was bigger but that is still some fish.

It’s Monday today and I awoke to the news that one of the stories I wrote whilst at VICE has been published online by a different news organisation, so that was pretty cool. Have a read. Hopefully it’ll strengthen my application for Greenpeace. I’ll be sending it off tomorrow night so do cross your fingers, toes and eyes for me.












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