Yellow Belly

Well almost another week has drifted by without me updating you of life in Belize. I’m getting a bit slow with my posting. Partly because I am busy working during the day and doing a job application in the evening, and partly because there isn’t a whole lot to report.

Last Friday we attended a Bowie and reggae night, which turned out to be a reggae and kind of karaoke night. The DJ needlessly scratched over the top of Marley classics whilst the crowd took it in turns to sing along on stage. It was fun and we had a few interesting rum drinks. It’s been a while since we have been out dancing and so we treated ourselves to a nice little hangover.

The hangover was actually a blessing in disguise. It meant we spent the entire morning in bed on Saturday. I think that’s the most sleep we’ve had in months. Our good buddy Lou Lou also let us borrow her Netflix account after hearing us complain about the lack of nightlife here, and so the afternoon of Saturday was spent watching documentaries. It was also the anniversary of me and Dom meeting in the coal exchange many moons ago, and so in the evening we went out for food and a couple of drinks.

Sunday is our day of doing an ET and phoning home, so we gave a few people a call. If you want us to ring you this week, send us a photo of you pleading with us to phone you, and we’ll pick the winners from a hat. After catching up with friends and family, I cracked on with my job app and Dom attempted to make some Jamaican patties. Unfortunately she neglected to use eggs in the mix and her pastry failed.
Not to be out-foxed by a simple recipe, Dom stuck the filling into the disposable baking tray that we have reused numerous times, slammed the pastry on top and threw it in the oven. The result was unappetising to the eye, but as good as gold to the tummy.


The crumble in the jungle

I am the pastry king in this relationship so I decided to show Dom how it was done. Alas, as good as my pastry felt and looked, it wouldn’t roll to the correct thickness. It kept falling apart. I managed to get four lame looking patties done, but as it had taken me about three hours to get that far, I threw in the towel and did what Dom did, ensuring to reuse the disposable baking tray.

They look like they are fresh out of the oven of a back street Greggs


Throw in the towel and then throw in the oven

I made some food

I made some food to eat

I made it with maze not wheat

And it was all yellow

The yellowness was because the ingredients were onions sweated in tumeric and other spices, sweet potato, butternut squash and pastry made from maze flour. I was like the beige city roller trying to teach Dom a lesson in baking and I failed miserably. Well, in the looks department anyway. They tasted pretty good though and that’s all that counts.





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