Everything’s Gonna Beans Alright

Another week has almost passed since I last put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard as it is these days. It’s flown by too, despite it being largely unadventurous. I spoke to my good friend Yioti last week and as a result, I thought about home and all the things that I miss. Family and friends are the obvious ones, but there are plenty of other things I take for granted on the wonderful green, green grass of Wales. Simple things like watching the football, a pint, being able to listen to more than two genres of music, nights that don’t feel like you’re sleeping in the oven, insects that don’t feast on human blood, coffee all the time, tap water, proper cheese, and snacking whenever I fancy. I’m sure there are more but I don’t want to subject myself to reliving that dark day of dwelling on what I don’t have.

My spirits have been raised by my new fascination with dessert. Before we came here, pudding was my least favourite dish and I could happily take it or leave it. Now though, it has become a routine in our eating habits and I am thoroughly enjoying it. I think it came as a result of us trying to increase our five a day contributions as there isn’t much in the way of vegetables if you eat out. Mostly it’s rice and beans with either fish or chicken. We eat vegetarian food at home as the meat is pricey and we don’t want to get chicken overload, so we won’t be getting scurvy any time soon, but we have started to incorporate more fruit into our diet with bananas on cornflakes, and as the base of most of our desserts.

 It’s funny how easily your mood can change over such simple pleasures. We discussed this the other night whilst walking back from viewing a new apartment. We were hungry (as always) and were mega excited about the fabulous veg chilli Dom had cooked up the previous night. There was a bounce in our step as we anticipated our dinner and the homemade cookies and ice cream we would be having for afters. I’m sure we were even discussing the following days menu too, as we whipped ourselves into a food related frenzy. It wasn’t long before our worlds came crashing down though. Dom took the lid off the pan of chilli and to her horror, it was caked in mould. It doesn’t take long for anything to rot in this heat. For a couple of minutes we were mortified; this was almost as bad as the ‘petrol in the stir fry’ incident a few years back, but then we just shrugged our hungry shoulders, and went up the shop for some Heinz Baked Beans to go with some sweet potato wedges that were leftover from the night befores din dins. The good times were restored, everything was going to be alright. And it got better than alright. We now have some filters for the coffee machine in work, and Liverpool beat Man Utd two nil in the first leg of the Europa League Cup. I’m not counting my chickens just yet, but I’m basking in that for a couple of days at least.

Life eh? It’s a roller coaster ride alright. No matter if it’s as tame as the ones at Oakwood or as wild as the ones at Universal Studios.



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