Pana (Super) Sonic

We are in San Pedro now; a half hour boat ride from Panajachel. We arrived on Sunday afternoon, had a couple of plates of food for lunch as we’d missed breakfast, and settled into our new pad. We are staying at the school where we will doing our best to learn Spanish. It’s a little place with an awesome view of the lake from our patio. The patio also doubles as our classroom which is nice for our morning lessons, but not so great when the afternoon lot are studying and we want al fresco dining. I’m sure it puts them off when I’m spilling my lunch down my front. The apartment itself is like a bedsit with the added bonus of being able to watch the Telly whilst sat on the pan.

The view from the loo. Not sure who feels most uncomfortable

Not much else happened on Sunday. We had a walk round the town but as it was Sunday, everything seemed to be shut, so we watched a bit of Telly for the first time in ages. Saturday was a bit more exciting so let’s so back to that.

Our hangovers from Friday nights drinking were not as bad as we expected, so we were up pretty early. After breakfast we went for a stroll. Our plan was to visit a market, take a trek round the nature reserve, and then have a few cocktails in an infinity pool. We stopped at cafe/bar for a coffee and had a bizarre experience with the owner. He’d talk about all of the people that came to his bar (it was empty), all the charity work he did, and a story about making friends with a monkey. Occasionally whilst talking to us he’d jump on the bar and continue his drivel.

He had told us that the market was a fair distance away, and so we sacked that off and hit the nature reserve. It was ace. We saw Raccoon things and Spider Monkeys. We walked through the jungle across rope bridges, and we hiked to a nice spot by the lake. We also saw loads of butterflies, but after seeing Monkeys in the wild, Butterflies are boring. As we were having loads of fun at the reserve, we spent ages there and so didn’t have time for the infinity pool. Ah well. One out of three ain’t bad.


Spot the bird

It was almost sunset by now and so we headed to a bar for a cocktail and to watch the sun go down again. It looked better from where we watched it Friday to be honest, but there was nowhere selling drinks on the beach. Any entrepreneur’s in Guatemala, there is a gap in the market right there. As it was getting late we needed to get some food before heading home to shower, get some whiskey down us, and get back out for a night on the tiles. Dom had an amazing curry which took forever to cook. I had a burger and chips which I saw them leave on the side for about half an hour whilst Doms dinner was being made. Cold food seems normal out here. Even though I was starving, I sent it back for a quick reheat, which meant we ended up eating separately anyway. They should’ve just given me my food ages ago.

Showered, whiskey’d and itching to get out, we hit the bar we were in the previous night. Again, Dom took control of the music, and again the place was bouncing. This time, as it was Saturday; party night in Pana, there were a few extra people in there and we ended up doing loads of tequila shots with an American couple. After a while we went to another bar and met up with the couple we’d met the night before. We stayed there until closing and then went back to a party at the couples house. It turns out they are swingers and wanted a bit of us. Fortunately, we were not the only ones at the party so it wasn’t a problem turning them down. We partied till the early hours and then walked back to ours. Everyone here is dead friendly (not just the ones trying to get you into bed) and one guy even walked us home. Shame he didn’t hang around for a bit though as we were so wasted we couldn’t unlock the gate to our apartment. We tried in vain for ages and ended up having to buzz the owner to let us in. I wonder what he thought of us.

Panajachel is amazing. I’ve turned into Dom as I think it is my new favourite. It was sad to leave, but as I’m now Dom, I’m off in search for my next favourite place. If I do find it, it’ll be a worthy winner.


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