Deja Vu Food

Panajachel is beautiful. A small town on the edge of a massive lake and surrounded by volcanos. And it is a whole load warmer than the last three or four places we have been. The sun’s hat was well and truly on when we arrived, and therefore, so was mine.

After disembarking from the chicken bus, we set about looking for a cash machine. A guy from the US of A gave us directions to one, which was a ten minute walk from where we were. As we were loaded with bags, I set off for to get funds, and Dom sat in a cafe with the bags and ordered us some Russian roulette lunch.

On returning from my mission, I was greeted with an amazing sight of rice, spuds, meat and re-fried beans. Awesome. We wolfed it down and got a tuk-tuk to our new place of stay. After a quick shower and some admin, we headed to the shore of the lake to catch the sunset. The place we watched it from is supposedly the best place to see it in whole of the surrounding towns. It was pretty special too, to be fair.

It dipped behind some hills and darkness came, so we headed into town for some food. As we don’t know what anything is, and our ‘lonely planet’ menu decoder never seems to have any of the dishes advertised, we are constantly playing a guessing game when getting food. We ordered a plate to share in case it turned out to be something ghastly, and were pleasantly surprised to have another plate of rice, spuds, meat, re-fried beans; this time with the added bonus of some spring onions. We ate up and went in search of more food and some drinky poos. It was Friday after all.

We walked across the whole town, checking out each and every place to eat. Once at the far end of the main street, we stopped for some Nachos and a mojito, to tie us over until we got to the restaurant we had decided on halfway back up the street. The drinks came out, and after what felt like forever, our food arrived. It wasn’t just Nachos. It was Nachos, rice, spuds, meat and re-fried beans. Again. It was tasty enough though so no complaints.

As we now had eaten a fair bit, we headed to a bar for some more drinks and had a few games of pool. Lee 5 – Dom 0. On our first game, I almost won without Dom getting a shot. I potted off the break, cleared all of my balls, and came within a millimetre of sinking the black.

After a few drinks we went to a different bar for more cocktails. The ‘Panty Ripper’ I got Dom to order for me didn’t even raise a smile from the barman, and the drink itself was equally as miserable. We met a German, an Aussie and an American, and joined them for drinks in the bar across the road. The bar was pretty small and empty, but after Dom took to the decks, the place was bouncing (with all five of us). The guy originally DJ’ing was Dom’s Guatemalan, male double. He even danced similar.


Dom on the old (new style) one’s and two’s


Everybody get down

After a while of drinking and dancing, we left to check out another bar. It was busier than the one we had just left and so we stayed there until one am, the time when the town shuts down. I asked a couple of guys if there was any after parties and they informed me that Friday was chilling day, and Saturday was party time. Dom however found a couple who said they knew a party and so we left with them. The guys I spoke to were right though, as the guy who answered the door of the party house, informed us the party was tomorrow. We’ve met some new friends though, so will hook up with them for some Saturday night (hopefully not Dengue) fever.



  1. mukul chand · February 14, 2016

    Great Post


    • fishgrapes · February 16, 2016

      Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I am loving living the traveling life and writing about it.I hope you join me on my journey.

      Liked by 1 person

      • mukul chand · February 16, 2016

        Welcome, i will keep a track of your blogs


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