Mexico Market

I didn’t sleep very well again. It’s been a while since I’ve had eight hours, but for some reason, it never feels like a chore getting out of bed in the morning here. I caught up on a bit of news whilst waiting for my breakfast of eggy bread and fruit to be made by the dude at the hostel. A nice way to start your Sunday morning. Once food was out of the way, Dom set about sorting out a way to watch the Wales V Ireland rugby match on her computer and I followed it on the internet. We didn’t manage to see it in the end but it sounded pretty exciting. You don’t often see draws in rugby, and we certainly didn’t see that one.

There are markets everywhere here. We went to one that sold loads of ace handmade goods and then went to another which was like a bigger, better, cheaper version of the farmers market back home. And it was more exciting. It was bustling with people, they had loads of wares for sale; everything from food to mobile phone covers, and most of the meat they had for sale was still alive. Whilst there we had a spot of lunch from one of the many cafés. As we have had more than our fair share of tacos recently, we opted for something different and so shared a fish. Back home, Sunday is normally the day for the weekly shop from the farmers market, and so we kept with tradition and bought some stuff for our evening meal. I’m not sure what we spent in total but it blew my mind how much we got for our money.

With bags and wallets full, we left the market and dropped our dinner items at the hostel and went back out for a stroll. I was still hungry as I had only had half a fish, and so I had some more food to try and fill up those hollow legs. We then did some more exploring to find somewhere in the sun for a drink or two. Alas, pretty much everywhere was in the shade. Despite that, this city is ace and there seems to be something new and very different around each and every corner. It’s Dom’s favourite place that we have been to so far. She says that about pretty much everywhere we’ve been to though, so I’d hazard a guess that the next stop will be the best, and Sans Cristobal de las Casas will be a distant memory.

Doms favourite place #5

We discovered an ace little cafe bar on our walkabout and sat down for a few ‘2 for 1’ beers. The owners daughter sat near us, all stoney faced, until I pulled out the old ‘fist cuckoo (or wood pigeon) whistle’. She was intrigued and a little bit later I caught her blowing into her fist in an attempt to copy me. Next up I did the upside down finger thing, before my show stopper, the thumb remover. By now she was hooked and so me and Dom did loads of things which she tried to copy. She grew in confidence and soon she was doing tricks on us, and keeping us entertained for ages. She does a fantastic bonk eye.

As we are about seven thousand miles above sea level here, the cold sets in pretty quickly in the evening, and so as soon as we felt our first shiver, it was time to head back to the ranch and knock up some dinner. Our meal was to be more of the fish that we had for lunch, along with some boiled then fried spuds and a pea, green bean, spring onion and radish salad.


Dinner cooking

The result. Grubs up

By the time we had cooked and eaten we had missed the foreign cinema, and so we spent the remainder of the evening sat around the hostel reading and doing stuff on the computer. Thankfully we are staying at a place that is much nicer than the pit we stayed at in Tulum, and so a night in isn’t spent in a mist of foul aromas and watching the insects that are unfortunate to live there, eat each other alive. 


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