Cycle Killer,Qu’est-ce que c’est

I think today was the latest I’ve stayed in bed for ages. We got up at 8:45, had a coffee, a shower and had breakfast. I had bread three ways, and Dom had a fruit and veg stir fry. 


Breadfast, the breakfast of champions

We needed to go into town to check the bus timetable, and as Avi had offered to lend us some bikes, we decided to cycle in. The bikes, as always, were far from the norm. They usually have weird handlebars and ‘pedal backwards’ breaks. Today was even weirder. Dom’s bike had no breaks at all and I was on a child, girls bike. Child’s bike it may have been but it had the mark of the beast on the frame.


Scooby seat with the number of the beast on the frame

We must’ve looked like a right pair of idiots cycling around town. The place is small so after getting the bus times, we had seen pretty much everything there was to see within ten minutes. I cut my leg on the bike, the devil’s doing no doubt, and so we headed to the chemist to get some anti-septic cream. It’s pretty easy to get infections out here, so better safe than sorry.

We met an ace dude outside the chemist and chatted to him for a while. He told us of a nice place to eat, so after our chin wag we headed to his recommended eatery. It was nice but a bit on the lukewarm side. Food poisoning here we come.

Dom got some more on board footage of the cycle home. Pretty brave of her to cycle one handed on a brakeless bike. The devil didn’t make either of us fall off and so we’re not getting any money off Beadle. Once home we got changed into our swimwear and took advantage of the pool for the first time since we’ve been here. It was cold but refreshing. We splashed about for a bit before feeding the ducks banana skins. I think we may have over done it with the bananas. One of them got a bit murdery and tried drowning one of the other ducks. Dom got me to intervene with the pool cleaning net, but just before I came to the rescue in my baywatch-esque red, velvet shorts, the victim duck escaped. I was pretty glad I didn’t have to help to be honest. If Avi had seen me in those shorts, swinging a pool cleaning net at her ducks, we may have been asked to leave the country.


Me eating the banana that sent a duck over the edge and into a murderous rampage.

Avi then brought over a dish of food for us to sample, and so we tucked into whatever meal you call the one in between lunch and dinner. Again we took advantage of the good internet connection here and plotted our next moves. We are off to Campeche for carnival and then down to Palenque for some jungle trekking, then spending a day or two in San Cristobal de las Casas before crossing the border into Guatemala.

We mixed it up for dinner. We bought some chicken taco’s from the woman across the street and ate them on the way to the shop. At the shop we bought some sliced cheese, returned home, and Dom knocked up some tuna and cheese taco’s and a salad. We must’ve eaten a million taco’s between us by now.

Apparently we are the talk of the town. Someone phoned up Avi to inform her that two U.S looking people were cycling around. And what a sight that must’ve been. Me on a kids bike and Dom unable to stop. The real talk of the town should be Avi’s kids though. I mentioned yesterday about how talented her son is, and today we saw one of her daughters skills. She’s only thirteen and like her brother, never went to school. She came over to our place and went into the room that has two cloth things hanging from the ceiling, and proceeded to do some amazing acrobatic skills. Apparently she is a brilliant singer too but we haven’t had the pleasure of hearing her. School’s a waste of time everyone! Drop out.

Dom spent an hour or so chatting with Avi’s daughter via Google translate whilst I typed this nonsense up. Everywhere we have been so far has been awesome, but I think I’ll miss this place the most. If anyone reading this is looking to travel from the East coast of Yucatan to the West coast of Quintana Roo, or vice versa, then I highly recommend breaking up the journey staying here. It is amazing and the host family are super nice.

We’ve a morning of lazing around before a five hour bus journey tomorrow, and will be on a hectic schedule so lucky for you, I can’t promise a daily update of our travels. Not that I’ve done that so far of course.


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