Tropical Bwrw Glaw

On our first morning in Mexico we were met with an excellent downpour. Tropical rain at its finest. I had witnessed a lot of rain during the festive period back home and hated it, but this rain was brilliant. It was probably the same amount of rain in ten minutes as I’d seen in the month I was back in the Diff.


Bwrw Glaw

It wasn’t long after the rain that Susana picked us up, and took us to a restaurant for breakfast. Dom chose some taco’s and I had a pork soup. We shared our plates so we got to have a bit of both, which was nice. As we are supposedly on a budget we decided to hit the supermarket after brekkie to buy food that we could rustle up at home. We spent ages walking around, admiring the different food and getting confused by prices, before paying up and heading home just in time for lunch.

photo 3

Huge cactus growing past our balcony

We had some taco’s with chorizo, salsa, refried beans, cheese and the hottest chilli I’ve eaten for a long time. As the day was getting on and we had arranged to go round  Susana’s for a few glasses of wine, we stayed local and checked out the park across the road. It was nothing like the one’s at home. We saw turtles, a croc and a racoon. Pretty cool, I wish Roath rec was the same.

After the park, we went home and Dom had a siesta. I woke her up at half eight and we headed to Susana’s which was just around the corner. We knocked the door but there was no answer and the lights were off. Thinking we had the wrong address we headed home to email her. On arriving home it became clear what the problem was. My ipad was showing the wrong time. It was an hour slow and so we were an hour late to Susanas. She informed us the next day that she assumed we weren’t coming and went to bed. For all she knew we could’ve been eaten by the croc up the park. It turned out OK though. Within half an hour of being back at our pad, I got hit by a wave of jet lag and passed out on the sofa. The first Friday in years that I hadn’t had a drink. What kind of holiday is this?



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