Tour De Mexico

We were the last to get up in our dorm this morning. We packed in readiness for our journey and went and had some breakfast. I had toast, Dom had porridge. It’s not all fun and games here you know.

After food we got some bikes and hit the road. The bikes are well weird. The handlebars are all wrong and they seem to be set in the lowest gear. They took a bit of getting used to but we didn’t have time to practice and so off we went. I almost went into the back of a car within ten minutes. Thankfully I swerved just in time and missed him.

Our journey to the cenote was great fun and took us past a pair of birds eating the biggest rat we have ever seen. Dom of course stopped to film it. She should have loads of nature footage by the time we get to Belize. It also saw us take a cycle path that stopped once it got to a crossroads of what looked like a motorway, and then started the other side before vanishing completely and leaving us peddling on the wrong side of said motorway looking road.

The cenote was fun too. It had a diving platform which I jumped off until I got bored and the did the obligatory panic snorkel. Next we cycled to another cenote which apparently has water which is twenty degrees. It didn’t and so it wasn’t long before I was cold and bored of swimming, and so I got out and filmed Dom snorkelling. The cenote itself was impressive though. It was in a cave unlike the open air ones we had been to before.

In the first cenote we visited today, we ended up speaking to a Mexican lady who had lived in London and so her English was perfect. She told us that for an extra one hundred pesos we could take advantage of the ‘all you can eat’ buffet. Result. We didn’t need asking twice.The food was amazing and we had loads of it. I was so full I almost fell asleep at the table whilst Dom was in the loo.

With bellies too full it was time to cycle home, grab the bags and say goodbye to Valladolid. The cycle home was equally as fun and Dom managed to get some ‘on board’ camera action which we’ll show you at some point. Look out Healthy Stoner, you’ve got competition. On the way to the bus station, Richard came running up to us with Dom’s phone that she had left behind. Legend. Probably saved us a shit load of future hassle.

The bus journey again was spent making plans we won’t stick to. After a couple of hours we arrived at Tulum, the place where they have Mayan ruins on the beach. Our hostel is right next to it so we won’t have far to go in the morning. My left foot is happy about that. Unfortunately, that’s the only good thing about it. The internet doesn’t work, we had to make our own bed and the place is a bit of a shit hole. I’ve  slept in hedges that are more comfortable than my bed and have seen landfills that are cleaner. I think we’d end up dirtier if we used the showers here.


Not the hostel toilets, they were worse. I couldn’t hold my breath long enough to take a photo in those toilets.

Ah well, we’ll probably decide against the plan of staying here for two days anyway. Where to next? Who knows? Not even us. We are like the human version of the littlest hobo.


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