The Never Ending Journey

We awoke at 4:20 am, a mere three hours after falling asleep, and got ready for the imminent arrival of our cab to Victoria. We had travelled to London the previous night. The three hour megabus journey was nothing in comparison to what we now faced. Ten minutes in a taxi, an hour on a coach and almost half a day on an aeroplane.

It almost started badly too. I emptied my pockets, took off my coat and loaded the plastic box thing to send through the x-ray machine at Gatwick airport. I went through the other side to collect my things and noticed my coat had come out of the tray and was stuck in the rollers with other peoples trays sailing over it. I retrieved my jacket and collected my belongings and noticed my new sunglasses had broke. Bugger. I had only worn them once and that was trying them on in the shop. Cardiff in early January had not afforded me the opportunity to wear them elsewhere. It got worse moments later when I noticed (after Dom had heard a security bloke asking if anyone had lost their passport) that I had lost my passport. It must’ve come out of my tray along with my jacket. Luckily we got that back and it was plain sailing (flying) from there on in.


Farewell United Kingdom and your lousy weather. We are off for some sunshine

We boarded the plane and I reminded the air hostess that Dom is gluten intolerant. She went to do some check thing and then came back to inform us they had no record of me requesting this originally. If anyone reading this is gluten intolerant, don’t tell the airline you need special food as the Thomas Cook cabin crew ended up spoiling Dom with much better food than the rest of us. She had a jacket spud for her second meal and I had a poxy sandwich and a bloody jam scone.

It wasn’t all great though. There was no free beer and the inflight entertainment was pretty rubbish. We watched ‘Straight outta Compton’ which was ace but the rest of it was pretty dire. And I had to pay to upgrade to the dire stuff. The free stuff was like an English version of S4C.

After what felt like forever in the air, we touched down in Cancun, Mexico, and after customs we headed to Starbucks to meet our Air BnB host, Susana. She wasn’t there, Dom’s phone didn’t work and we didn’t have WiFi, so it wasn’t looking to great to begin with. We had her phone number so I went in search of a pay phone. A guy who worked for a car hire firm ended up calling Susana on his mobile and discovered she was at the wrong terminal and had been waiting for us for hours. Gutted.

We finally met her and she gave us a lift back to our apartment. It was a cool little place in a quiet neighbourhood. A far cry from the hotel zone which Cancun is famous for. After dropping our stuff of and having a shower we headed out for a beer and some food. We found a cool little bar called ‘La Chocita’ which did ace food and showed the UFC on a daily basis. Food, beer and violence all under one roof. A perfect start to the trip.









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