The End Of The Beginning

My sister Melanie told me recently that I hadn’t finished the last blog. And she was right; I hadn’t. My time in Prague ended and I stopped writing. I didn’t even give an update on my final day or mention that one of my articles got published, albeit translated into Czech. The other articles, I am assured, will also be published in Czech, and then sent to the English office. I am not holding my breath though.

I stopped writing for various reasons: Busy with Christmas stuff, partying, recovering from partying, being ill (not from partying) visiting friends, visiting family and mainly because I was sorting my life out for my next adventure: a trip to Central America. Whilst in Prague I emailed a few NGO’s and one of them responded and offered me an internship in Belize. Sweet. So that’s where I’m off next, via Mexico and Guatemala.

Anyway, rewind to the last day of Prague. I worked all day and went for beers with the guys from VICE in the evening. I got wasted and spent the next morning cleaning the flat whilst nursing a hangover. And that was that. Nothing major to report, nothing crazy happened, and to be honest, due to the length of time between then and now, my memory of it is a little hazy. It was sad to say goodbye to the Czech capital and the good friends I made there, but onwards and upwards. A new chapter is about to start.


Cia0 Prague. You were wonderful. Now for something completely different.


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