Strolling Stones

Day two in Merida was a day of exploring. After breakfast of fruit and toast we left and walked the opposite way to the square where we had spent most of our time. Just across the road is a little hole in the wall cafe, and so we got a juice to walk with. Due to Dom’s poor use of Spanish, before we knew it she had ordered three pancakes. She had tried to tell them she had a wheat allergy but they mistook her and cooked up some wheat filled pancakes, and as she was unable to eat them, I settled down for breakfast number two. Not wanting to be left out, Dom ordered something too. We have had more meals in this place than some people have in a week.


Food, glorious food.


More food, glorious food

Our walk took us through a market where we witnessed a million flies hanging around on the cloth meant for cleaning the table. Not a pretty sight but the smells ensured the cloth of flies wouldn’t put me off eating there. We didn’t though but only because they were closed. We then stumbled upon an art gallery so had a quick look around that. The quick look turned into Dom chatting to the owner for ages. He was pretty cool and even gave her a free CD. He also told us that the band doing Marley covers the previous night was actually ‘The Wailers’ and that the bar we had a drink and some food in was a really rough part of town that we should stay away from. Yikes!

Next up was a much needed ice cream and a look around some shops, and as it was St Dwnwyn’s day, we found a decent restaurant to book a slap up meal later on that evening. We met a few people who told us some interesting things, two being hammocks are made with a plant that has natural mosquito replelent, and that Panama hats are not actually made in Panama. The Mayan’s used to make them in Merida and they are called Jipijapa. You can roll them up, put it in your pocket and it still won’t lose it’s shape when you put it back on. Sweet.

Next up was a look in the cathedral. There was a service on and so we stayed at the back. It was a pretty impressive building and I think it was built with the stones from some of the ancient Mayan pyramids.

After a day of walking we had built up a healthy appetite and so we went home, put our glad rags on and headed out for a posh dinner. Dom chose badly and I did alright. I had a steak and a chilli stuffed with grasshoppers.

The best thing about the whole meal though was Dom mixing up her Spanish again and instead of telling the waiter that the service was excellent, she told him the toilets were excellent. They were though.

Done in from walking, eating and drinking, we went home to bed. Another journey awaits us tomorrow.






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