Retreat To The Retreat

We made the bus by the skin of our teeth and immediately fell asleep at the back of the bus. It wasn’t long before I was awoken by the broken air con dripping water on me and so I moved seats. Unfortunately on doing so I somehow lost my bamboo sun glasses. I knew I’d lose or break them at some point but was hoping it would be in better circumstances than sleeping on a bus.

We arrived at the town and got a motorbike taxi to our place of stay. The motorbike taxi is excellent. The bike has a wheel at the back and a kind of cage thing at the front with two wheels, which we had to sit in. I felt a bit like the pope as we bombed through the narrow streets with everyone staring at us and returning our shouts of “Hola”.

The lady whose house we are staying at hadn’t given us the full address, so the taxi rider stopped on the street and joined us in wondering where to go next. A bloke came to our rescue though and phoned the woman for us, and she told us how to get to hers. She greeted us at the gate and flagged down a mobile coconut drink salesman and got us a drink. The place we are staying at is amazing. We have a kind of hut thing to ourselves. Well almost to ourselves; we share it with a bird, some geckos, ants, grasshoppers and we are occasionally joined by three dogs.


The walls don’t go to the roof so you can see out to the garden which borders a jungle. We have a hammock in our bedroom which I jumped in straight away and fell asleep whilst one of the ladies dogs slept underneath me. They say dog is mans best friend but at the moment, I am dogs best friend. They follow me everywhere and one even gave me a stone.

After I had caught up on a bit of snooze, we started to walk into town for some food. Doms whole left leg has swollen up so we abandoned the walk and got a motorbike taxi. We found a little cafe and had a chicken and veg soup and then returned home. Doms leg was getting worse so she rested up on the sofa and I went with our host to her neighbour, who sold us some eggs, and agreed to deliver us some dinner. Everyone here is super friendly. Our host is brilliant. She has ran around for us all day and is very welcoming.

Due to the lack of sleep we were done in by the time we had dinner, and so retired to bed, listening to the sounds of the jungle. I’m really looking forward to our jungle breakfast tomorrow.


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