Relax, Do It!

I woke up at either 8:30 or 9:30. I wasn’t sure which as my iPad has a mind of its own and since we have been here, we have noticed that you only have to travel a couple of hours on the bus, and the time zone changes. Fortunately, Mexico is pretty laid back and time doesn’t really matter, especially where we are at the moment.

I could’ve easily gone back to sleep but I decided to get up and to make the most of doing nothing all day. I showered, stepped around the hundred or so ants that were devouring a caterpillar, made myself a coffee, and had some bread that our hosts son had very kindly baked for me. It was amazing bread. Put’s a lot of professional bakers bread to shame that’s for sure. Very sweet and weirdly, there was no need for butter.

Avi, our host, had ordered us some fruit and veg off her friend who grows it. A kind of Riverford vibe going on here but with the neighbourhood rather than a business. Avi also grows a few fruits, and as well as making us some fabulous homemade lemonade from her produce, she has let us have anything we want from her garden. This is the life. Eggs, fruit, and veg, all sourced from either your own land or your neighbours and at a fraction of the price of the supermarkets. This is the life I want. Off grid and enjoying time instead of chasing money to pay for things I don’t want or need.

Dom woke up and although her leg is better than it was, we are still going to have an extra day here to properly rest up. To be honest, I could stay here forever if I could ship my family and friends out here. If I win the lotto that’s what I’ll do.

As we now had a load of shopping in, we decided to cook for ourselves for only the second time since we’ve been in Mexico. The other time was in Cancun, and that’s because we didn’t really come across any street food vendors which make it cheaper to eat out. We have an excellent pad here and so we (Dom) can rustle up something tasty and chill out in our jungle surroundings.


Jungle breakfast

We spent the day lounging by the pool, catching up on emails, exploring the jungle and feeding banana skins to the ducks. I never knew they even ate them but now I am obsessed with eating bananas so I can feed the ducks. Great way to get kids to eat at least one of their five a day. We (Dom) also experimented with a new banana dish. Fry it up with some grapefruit, sugar and chilli.

Avi’s son showed us a cave that he had built. He’s only seventeen and having only known him two days I have discovered he is a master baker and cave architect. Madness. And he didn’t even go to school.

The day turned to night pretty quick so once again we sat around listening to the creatures sing, croak and howl, whilst pondering eating options. We decided we’d save the curry for tomorrow and so dinner was again from Avi’s neighbour, and whilst eating it, Avi’s daughter gave us each a present that she had handmade. Dom got some earrings and I got a model coy carp. Very sweet of her. The family are so kind it’s humbling.

Dom then sorted out the WiFi in our house and is helping with the AirBnB site for Avi tomorrow. As we now have WiFi here and time on our hands, I have been able to sort out my computer and am ready to publish all of my posts, from leaving the UK up until now. Sorry to overload you with them. You don’t have to read them of course. But if you don’t, you won’t get the chance to see me in my red, velvet shorts.



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