Plan A, B & C

True to word we didn’t stick to our original plan of looking at the ruins and then hitting the beach. Instead we spent the morning plotting our escape from the stinky hostel.


Hotel low budget.

We checked out and convinced one of the workers to let us leave our luggage in the kitchen and to loan us some bikes for free, and then cycled into town to check the bus time table. We found a bus that went to our next port of call at 5pm and so decided to grab some lunch, take advantage of the free WiFi and plan the next leg of our journey. We needed to find accommodation, work out how long we’d stay there and where we would head after that.

The place we had lunch at didn’t have WiFi and so we spent our time eating and planning on making a plan. After food we hit a bar that had WiFi where I got to watch the last ten minutes of the Liverpool V West Ham game whilst Dom tried in vane to connect to the internet. So with lunch over and a beer drank, we still had no plan and time was against us, and with this in mind, instead of heading back to the slum of a hostel, we went to see the ruins and the went to the beach, just like the original plan. The plan of planning our escape from Tulum now changed into planning on finding a new place to stay in Tulum, on top of the the second or third plan.

We spent the next few hours executing the plan and it was painful. Air BnB kept bringing up places that were nowhere near where we were heading, and there aren’t many other places advertised on the internet in the remote places. We eventually found a good place at a decent price in a small town called Tzucacab. It looked like a tranquil spot where we could recharge our batteries after a pretty hectic week, in readiness for the madness of carnival in Campeche. Dom had done her knee in too so it seemed like the perfect place. With that booked, we decided to give up on the internet and head into town to find a cleaner place to stay than our current digs. I love it when a plan (finally) comes together.

We found a room pretty much straight away when we got to the town centre. It was only five minutes from the bus station so was ideal as our bus was at 8am, and meant we didn’t have to lug the bags very far in the morning. To celebrate we went for a few drinks. The bar we were in shut at 1 am and so we headed back to the hostel. As we walked, we passed a bar that was full of people and had a DJ banging out tune after tune, so we went there for a quick drink. A quick drink turned into about seven quick drinks and before we knew it, it was 5am and the bar was shutting. Not put off by the lack of sleep that faced us, I ended up having a game of football in the street. It was a weird game. It was pretty dark, there were no real teams and the game would occasionally stop to let a car pass. It was fun though, and had it not been for the ball getting stolen, I’d still be playing now.

It was about half six when we got in. Just enough time for a shower and a thirty minute sleep. The perfect way to prepare for a six hour bus ride.


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