Mega Bus To Merida

Once again we woke up at the crack of dawn. We had a four hour bus journey from Cancun to Merida and we wanted to get there at a reasonable hour so we could catch the weekly Sunday market, for which amongst other things, the city is famous for. We managed to shower, pack and even have breakfast before our 8:30 pick up to the bus station. Our host Susana kindly dropped us off for no extra charge. We got our tickets and boarded the bus pretty much straight away.

The bus was excellent value for money. It cost about £35 for the two of us, a journey of about one hundred and ninety miles. There was loads of leg room, a toilet and they even showed a couple of films, albeit cheesy American films dubbed in Spanish. I was hoping to enjoy the scenery anyway so I wasn’t fussed by the film. However, for pretty much the entire journey, all I could see was a hedge. There were no cactus filled plains, stretching as far as the eye could see. Well there probably was but on the other side of the hedge.


Movies on the bus

We arrived in Merida about 1pm and walked the short distance to our new lodgings. Another AirBnB place. It turned out to be a proper jewel too. Two lovely buildings separated by a courtyard. One of the best places I have ever stayed in to be honest.

We dropped our gear off and headed out to the market. En route we stopped at the square which had loads of food stalls and pop up restaurants (sorry Greesmun) and so we stopped for a few bites to eat. We shared three plates in a restaurant, a lime soup, and two other dishes which I can’t remember what they were called but they were mighty good and plenty cheap. Following food, we hit the road again in pursuit of the market. We found it but were too late, most of the stalls had closed. One of the few places open was selling bags of pineapples sprinkled with chilli, so we got a bag to share. It started off nice and slowly deteriorated. It was addictive though so I kept shovelling it in until I had to get rid of it in a bin.

We then stopped for a beer at a bar and decided to share another couple of plates of food. The bar was great. A bit of a mess and blasting out shit music, but it was a wicked experience. We drank up, ate up (again) and headed back to the square for even more food. We had come to Merida after hearing about the cuisine and we were definitely taking advantage.

Our trip to Merida couldn’t have been timed better. The city was celebrating it’s birthday and so they were celebrating with a night of live music on the square later that night. With this in mind we headed home to recharge the batteries and get ready for a night of more food, drink and reggae. In that order.

Our next meals were chips with some weird but tasty sausage followed by the best taco’s I have ever had and will probably ever have. I could live on them no problem. After food we grabbed a cocktail and joined the crowd for a night of Bob Marley covers. It was an ace evening. Merida is great and so we decided to try and extend our stay for another night.


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