History and Fun-Fair(y) Tales

I had been looking forward to this for ages. We were visiting the famous ruins called Chichen Itza, which is just outside of Valladolid. Our bus left at 7:15 so we were up at 6:30. Due to being in a dormitory we were up most of the night so were shattered when we dragged ourselves out of bed. We’d met a guy from England called Richard who has been traveling Central America for the last five months, and he was joining us.

I don’t want to come over all Daniel Day Lewis, but my left foot is giving me right grief at the moment. My walking shoes have given me a blister on my little toe and my beach shoes have given me a blister on my heel. I wore the walking shoes today, and after the walk to the bus station and about ten minutes at the ruins I couldn’t bare it anymore, and so decided to do what the ancients did before me, and  walked around in my socks. I felt the relief immediately whilst walking on the grass, and some of the pathways were like concrete carpets, which benefited me tremendously.

photo 1

Chichen Itza. If you clap in front of this pyramid thing it makes a cool echo

photo 3

No winner stays on in this game. You get sacrificed instead. Shame they haven’t had that rule in the premiership for the last twenty years 🙂

The ruins were great. Massive temples that made a weird noise when you clapped next to them, a huge sinkhole filled with water (a cenote) that was used to sacrifice people and a huge court that was used to play some kind of ball game. Legend has it that the winners of the game used to get sacrificed. Some game that would be. I bet it was always nil nil and the penalties would go on forever. If you scored an own goal you were a hero.

After the ruins we went to a cenote for a swim. It was huge and at least one hundred metres deep. Loads of eyeless fish (Fsh) live in it and they nibble your feet. A free pedicure with every swim. It was also cold and so after about fifteen minutes I got out and left Dom to snorkel. She’s pretty good at it too. I just tend to go under water, the snorkel gets filled with water which I inhale, I then panic, cough my lungs up and get out of the water ASAP.

photo 4

The well bad deep cenote.

Next up was a trip to the fair. I’ve only been to one so I can’t say it for all of them, but the Fun-Fair Mexican style isn’t just about the dodgy rides and the swizz stalls. There were loads of food stalls, a market, a DJ pumping out banging tunes, an arcade with video games so old they look like they had been around before video games were even invented, a bull fight and a few bars. We didn’t see the bull fight. We were quite intrigued but didn’t fancy seeing the bull getting stabbed up. Instead we went on a ride which almost broke my hip, and went into a lorry that had caged cats and chickens along with a goat that had five legs. His fifth leg was sticking out of his side. I couldn’t marvel at the goat too much as I assumed the dodgy looking dude grabbing me by the arm and speaking Spanish at me, was trying to mug me. He was in fact trying to sell me drugs. That would have been one weird drug deal. Two blokes speaking different languages at each other whilst a goat with a leg hanging out of its side watches on. Also in the truck was a crocodile that looked like it was wearing a wig. I think they were claiming it had the body of a croc and the head of a human but even in the poorly lit lorry, they weren’t fooling us.


Goat Busker!


Half croc, half wig

We stopped for some food on the way out of the fair and I may have accidentally got myself on Mexican TV. Dom dragged me out of the way of the camera that was filming a woman being interviewed behind me as I was checking out how a guy was cooking a banana. Dom was filmed dancing to the Wailers the other night, so we both may be minor celebs over here already. From the Penarth Times to Mexican TV. If I had a phone it would probably be ringing non stop with Heat magazine trying to secure an interview with us.

With the fair done it was time to head back to our bunks. Cycling, swimming and another bus journey tomorrow. A bit like a triathlon with some cheating at the end.


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