Goodbye Merida, Hello Valladolid

Another early start. This time to complete the horrible chore of packing. We’ve only had to do it a couple of times so far but already I hate it. Everything has to be packed in the right order and in the right bag. No just slinging it in the bag like I normally do.

Breakfast was fruit and toast again. Dom is wheat intolerant so she has fruit and eggs. I should’ve swapped my fruit for eggs. I haven’t had eggs for ages it seems. When we had finished we said goodbye to Mauro, and with hearts as heavy as our bags, we headed for the bus station. Aside from missing our bus by a few minutes yesterday, we have timed our bus journeys well. And that is without a timetable. We always seem to arrive, buy our tickets, and have at most a five minute wait.

During the journey we discussed plans for the next leg of the journey. We have made loads of plans, gone somewhere and decided against our original plan. I prefer it this way. We’ll end up zigzagging our way across Mexico. Sorry Archie and Violet for making a mess of your scratch map.

We got to Valladolid and struggled the fifteen minute walk to our hostel. We have gone from posh apartment to bunk beds in no time. The load of our luggage and the heat had drenched us in sweat, and so we had a shower and headed out to eat. We had passed a BBQ place on the way from the bus station and decided to give that a whirl. We are shit at directions though and turned right instead of left as we left the hostel, so ended up getting lost. I’m glad we did though as it ensured we stumbled upon two old ladies sat outside their house. They had three bowls which were covered in front of them, and so we assumed they were selling food. We asked them in poor Spanish and we had assumed right, they were selling food. Excellent food too which would be the start of another gluttonous eating marathon across town.

We ate at little restaurants which seemed to be in peoples houses and street food from vendors, and only spent about 70 pesos. Really good food at really good prices. I mentioned previously that I had eaten the best tacos I have ever tasted in Merida. I have since eaten many that have equalled, if not bettered those tacos. Mexico it seems, does not know how to make bad tacos. Even the dudes on the street who wouldn’t pass a food hygiene test in this country, serve up food that makes you want to keep eating.

As we had an early start (again) the next day we headed home for an earlyish night. On the way home we came across a load of people drumming and playing trumpets in a car park. We watched them for a bit. They were awesome. And I think they made it rain a bit.


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