For our last day in Merida we had decided to take a day trip to a seaside town called Celestun, an hour and a half away. We got up early, as we have done every day since we’ve been here, had the usual fruit and toast breakfast and headed for the bus station. We missed our bus by seven minutes and so to kill the fifty three minutes wait we were faced with, we went for a coffee. Dom ordered and I headed across the street for a number two. It was a pretty weird experience. I paid the guy 5 pesos and he handed me the key to the cubicle and four sheets of paper. I opened the door and was faced with a toilet with no seat. I thought for a minute about attempting the old sky dump but thought better of it, and so hovered and prayed that I had a clean break. I got lucky. The fruit and toast breakfast and a million meals a day had paid off. Result.

On returning to the cafe, my coffee was waiting for me. Dom informed me as to how it was made. The lady put some water in a polystyrene cup, chucked it in the microwave for a bit and then added coffee. Do not try this at home!


mmmmm, microwaved coffee

Post cancerous coffee, it was time to catch our bus. Dom slept pretty much the whole way there and I read the Spanish phrase book hoping to improve my really bad language skills. It was a nice journey. In between swotting up I peeked out of the window, taking in the scenery and the cool little towns we passed. When we eventually arrived we were met by a dude who hassled us to get a boat to see the flamingos. Our original plan had been to ask the fishermen to take us, but as there were a few others willing to split the cost, we accepted and boarded the boat. It was an ace trip. We saw flamingos, pelicans, storks, termites nests, American eagles, fish and fishermen. No crocs though much to my annoyance. I was hoping to touch one on the back as it swam past the boat.


Flamingos in a bar, Flamingos everywhere

After the boat trip we went to a restaurant on the beach and had some amazing fresh seafood. I am getting well into the chilli now too. Come on down, the spice is right. Just as well as it’s a sauce option for pretty much everything.

Once we had eaten our fill it was time to cool down in the sea. And cool down we did. It was bastard freezing. Dom was OK with it but I wasn’t a fan. I stood waist deep shivering for ages before taking the plunge and diving under. I’d done my bit and so left the water to dry off, warm up and watch the sunset in Mexico for the first time since we’ve been here.

It was dark now so we had a stroll around the small town, bought some food and got the bus back to Merida. We both slept on the way home but as it was our last night in the city, we headed out for a couple of drinks and some more food, obviously. We sat in the courtyard of a bar that had no smoking signs everywhere. It didn’t stop one dude from smoking though, and to prove he didn’t give a shit, he got a waiter to light his ciggie. Top man.

And that was it. Our whistle stop tour of Merida had come to an end. Merida was ace but I’m sure I’ll be saying that about most places we bid farewell to


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