Chores Day, The New Wednesday

I’m halfway through the final week today. My time here seems like it has gone too fast but it also feels like I’ve been here for ages. Due to my time running out I decided to do some boring chores before work this morning. I stuck a wash on, chucked a load of stuff in the recycling and emailed the recruitment guy to make arrangements for handing over the keys and travel pass.

Work was quite quiet. I sent off the article about the globetrotter cyclist and then helped the guys out with more research. The research is quite cool. I have stumbled on some interesting things and hopefully provided the boys and girls with something fun to write up next year. I prefer meeting people and writing up a story afterwards though. I also tried one of those Club-Mate drinks today for the first time. It’s like a cold, fruity coffee. Not bad to start with but a bit sickly after a while. Would’ve preferred it to be a beer like I originally thought it was.

As usual the day flew by. I had arranged to meet Cian for a few beers and to say goodbye so I rushed home, dropped the laptop off and headed back out. He’s a good lad and so will stay in touch and hopefully hook-up with him again one day. We were supposed to meet Lukas and the rest of the interns too but still nothing has been arranged. Dinner was hot dogs. Giant sausages in a cabbage filled baguette with plenty of mustard. Gonna miss those bad boys.

Cian’s housemate joined us. A Peter Crouch lookalike who wouldn’t listen to me when I told him to quit his job and get become the second Crouchie. There’s money to be made doing that. I did alright in my Guetta years.I also found out that you get three years maternity leave here. Nic Mun, if you lived here, you could’ve had the Popster, the new one and still be getting paid full whack with only having to go back to work for a month in between. Living the bloody dream! Imagine Grees Muns face when he gets home after his five day working week.

I’m going to miss the cheapness of the nights out too. I had about a hundred pints and it cost me less than 200 Kc. You can live like a king here if you earned £10,000 per annum.

After a thirty-minute tube ride of being desperate for a piss I was home. I won’t miss the constant need for public transport. Sick of that shit now.


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