Birthdays & Shopping Daze

It’s Dom’s birthday today so in between my shower and leaving for work, I gave her a quick Skype to wish her a Penblwyd Hapus. The margarine has all gone and I forget to buy butter last night so I had to buy breakfast from a shop near work: a mixture of meat and an animals egg between two slabs of dry bread. It was actually quite nice though and filled me up more than my usual toast breakfast.


Happy Birthday duderella. Xx

I didn’t do much photo searching last night as I was on the blower most of the night. That meant that my morning would be taking up with the task. It takes ages too as my computer is really, really slow. I eventually found four pictures that were suitable and sent them off. I also added some pictures and video links to the story of my round-the- world cyclist mate, so that job is pretty much done. It shouldn’t need any editing either as I learned from last time and just did a short intro and then boom, straight into the interview.

With my morning work out of the way I went for lunch. I went to the Vietnamese restaurant, mainly to say bye to the dude who works there because we’ve become friends almost. No free drink off him to bid me farewell thankfully. I’m sure I can still sometimes taste the last one he gave me.

I left work at 6 so I could get back home and speak to the birthday girl before she headed out for Rae’s birthday curry. Alas, I didn’t get back in time. I had to stop at a shop to exchange one of the things I bought Dom on Saturday as I changed my mind about it. It’s too far to come back to get a refund and so I thought it wise to err on the side of caution.

The meditation lady was behind the counter this time and fair play, she is ace. She remembered Dom’s eye colour and started looking for things to match them. Then she got me on Facebook to show here pictures of Dom to see what her style is. Service at it’s best. We ended up agreeing on something and then she talked me into meditating again.

When I finally got home, Dom had already gone out, so I sorted myself out with dinner and chatted to Hristina for a bit. It’s just the two of us left now. Shame it’s not a Big Brother style contest. Hristina is leaving early Friday morning so I would be the last one in the house, the winner.


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