The Final Countdown

My last Monday in Prague, the last time I will drag myself out of bed here with a full working week ahead of me, both exciting and sad. I’m kind of ready to come home but I’m also not. Torn between getting back and catching up with everyone, and wanting the adventure to continue.

I got to work and sent my edited pieces off to the editor (who is up for an award for this album). He said he’d check them after lunch and so I continued with the new piece I’m doing about my mate who is cycling around the world. I also chased up photo’s I need for two of the stories

Lunch came around and I just had a baguette today. I’m on the final week here and want to see if I can avoid using the cash point. It was tasty enough but it didn’t fend off the hunger for too long.

I spoke with the editor after lunch. He liked the editing job I had so painstakingly done and said he was going to fire them off to get translated for the Czech version of VICE, and he was also going to send them to the UK office. He has warned me though that sometimes he doesn’t even get a response so I won’t be holding my breath. I’ve got a couple of contacts there now anyway so I can chase them up and hassle them until they do reply.

I finished work at six thirty and headed home. We were supposed to be going for beers but no one has been informed of the plan. I wasn’t too disappointed. I want to go out for beers on Wednesday to say bye to a few people and so I could do with saving the money.

Dinner was pizza, I am not a fan but it ticked the boxes for this evening: quick, cheap and hassle free. I had a chat with Dom and saw pictures of the Xmas tree at home. It’s probably 1/5 of the size of last years but still pretty big. I have to spend the rest of the night looking at stock photos for one of the articles I wrote so it’s more work, albeit nice and easy.


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