Move Along, Nothing To Read Here.

I ended up going for a few beers last night. India has to go home on Tuesday for a funeral so it was her last Saturday in Prague, and she fancied a few scoops. I was chuffed to be honest. Sitting in with a few beers on my own was making me climb the walls.

We went out at half ten and headed to the cave bar. We had a quick one there before heading to another bar down the road. It’s a cashless bar. You get a token on the way in and pre-load it with money and then swipe it at the till. It seemed pretty cool but a bit pointless too. You have to queue on the way out to cash your token back in, so that was a bit of a pain. It was a good night though. We watched a Czech pub band playing bad versions of The Beach Boys and Chuck Berry, and drank beer from jars.

I haven’t done much today. I spent most of the morning on the ‘e-mails’ and the first bit of the afternoon on Skype. I wonder how bad it would be if it was the old days when there was no such things as the Internet? I’d have probably either gone mad through isolation or have gone out all day and night.

The Swedish cameraman kept his promise and sent me a couple of pictures through. Which was nice. I’ll see if I can use them in one of my articles.

It’s been a pretty nondescript day today. I’ve only left the house once, a trip to the shop down the road for supplies. So, I’m sorry, nothing exciting to report today. I have just been informed that Lukas is supposedly organizing drinks for all the interns tomorrow so I may be able write something more interesting after that.


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