The Protest With The Most Less

It’s Saturday no school today so here’s what I’ve got to do. More work. But first a trip to the farmers market for some breakfast. I grabbed a coffee and a wild boar sausage sandwich and had a look round. Some of the food stalls have been replaced with stalls selling Christmas junk. Things to hang on trees and gift things like mugs, gloves, homemade jewelry and the like. I took my I-pad to get a few photographs, as I have been rubbish with adding images on the blog recently.

Once I had looked around and listened to the band for a bit, I headed home to see if India wanted me to show her the John Lennon wall . She wasn’t in. She had gone to work and so I did a bit of work myself and then headed out for a wander round town to see if I could find a gift for Dom.

During my shopping trip I stumbled upon a protest. What seemed like thousands of people marched past me, winding their way through the cobbled back streets, up the hill towards the castle. One of the protesters had a sign reading: “Don’t destroy our world. The Lord Jesus will judge us all”, and so I joined in thinking it was a climate change march. Very shortly afterwards a chant in Czech went up and the only word I recognized was ‘Islam’ so it was obvious what the march was actually for. Or against I should say. I left the march pretty sharpish, not wanting to be associated with racism, but followed from the back, intrigued where they were going and wondering if there would be a counter demonstration at their destination. I have also been writing a bit about the Czech attitude towards refugees and thought there might be something I could add to my piece.

Going back to the man’s sign. I’m not overly familiar with everything that was said in the Bible, but I’m pretty sure the big man spends a lot of time banging on about tolerance and turning the other cheek and all that loony lefty stuff. How will he judge the protester cometh the hour? If I were in charge, I’d reincarnate his ass to Syria. That’ll learn him.

At the top of the hill it was pretty surreal. A band was playing on a makeshift stage; people were waving flags and chanting stuff, whilst hundreds of tourists went about their sight seeing, probably excited about something new to get a selfie with.  There only seemed to be a couple of hundred people at the demonstration now they were stood in a big open space. My eyes had deceived me when they were marching in rows of about seven or eight on the narrow streets below. There were members of the press there, so not wanting to appear like I was part of the protest, I went and stood with them. I got chatting to a TV crew from Sweden and one of them promised to e-mail me some pictures. He hasn’t as of yet though. I hope he does because he had some at the start of the protest where there was a counter protest and there were a few clashes and arrests.

I hung around for about an hour. There was nothing really going on that was newsworthy. I did contemplate staying to see if anything else kicked off but it seemed unlikely. Looks like I’d missed the best bits.

On the way home I passed a man pushing a pram and swigging on a hip flask. Fatherhood Czech style seems like a breeze. It’s Saturday night and if the bloke in charge of a baby is having a drink, I am too. I nipped to the shop and got a couple of bevvies and updated this whilst waiting to hear back from the lady I mentioned yesterday. I also wrote a little piece about the protest earlier and sent that to the only English speaking paper in the Czech Republic that hasn’t already covered it. I doubt they’ll use it though. I doubt they’ll even see it. It’s Saturday night so they’re all out on the rip probably.

Ah well, back to the grindstone for Leeroy! At least I’ve got a couple of beers to keep me company. Adios amigos! Xx


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