Me, Myself & Siri

Beardyman was excellent. He got on stage late and the gig was pretty long so it was about 3 am by the time I got in. I met some new cool people and even got one of them to lend me his phone to take a few pictures, so I’ll post them up here when he e-mails them to me over the weekend. I bet you can’t wait.

I wasn’t even rough on waking, but I still went out for the ham and eggs I had promised myself to help with the hangover. I sat listening to two Americans talk about engines. It was torture but I don’t have a phone, can’t understand the newspaper, had already read the menu five times and stupidly didn’t bring any of my books. A lesson learned the hard way.

After breakfast I returned home to continue editing my stories. I’m finding it a bit of a struggle to be honest. It’s far easier putting the words onto the paper than it is taking them off. Must’ve been even worse in the days of the typewriter. At least I’ve got a delete button.

I have also written another story, which I’m going to send to the editor on Monday. Hopefully he’ll have time to look at that as well as all the others I’ve sent him. It’s only a short piece so I can’t see why he won’t be able to.

I had a Skype lecture at 4 pm, a chat to go over the final assignment. All of my work is apparently good and I only need to add a couple of points to one of the units and produce a cover sheet and schoooooooooooools, out, for, the winter!

The evening was a bit of a disaster. I was due to speak to a lady about volunteering with her companies social media accounts and doing some blog posts, but my internet went down five minutes after our scheduled chat. I reset the router: nothing. I panicked: still nothing. India suggested the Chinese restaurant down the road as they have WiFi, and so I chucked my coat on, carefully placed my I-pad in my bag and braved the rain. For some reason, karma probably, I couldn’t connect to the WiFi. I tried to turn the I-pad off but just kept getting Siri’s horrible voice telling me he wasn’t available at the moment, and to connect to the Internet. “I’m trying Siri. I am fucking trying”. The food was horrible and expensive too.


Food I didn’t even want. You win this round internet connection.

I returned home to find the Internet was back up and I had a message from the lady saying sorry she had missed me, but her meeting over ran. I forgave her and messaged back but she was offline. I will now play the waiting game, a game I do not like.

The Internet kept going down again and again not long after so the waiting game could go on for a very long time. It also meant I couldn’t surf the web, watch anything or listen to music, and I certainly couldn’t go out because the waiting game is in full swing.

So there you have it. Whilst some of you are letting your hair down at your Xmas parties, my Friday has been spent working and waiting.


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