Hat’s Off To Me

I was determined not to wear a hat today. No one else in work wears one so I need to man up, go mad, and feel the wind in my hair and the cold on my ears. I couldn’t feel my ears by the time the tram pulled up. It’s quite weird here today, like a freezing cold summers day. The sky is blue, not a cloud in sight, the sun was yellow and the air was see-through. Freezing cold and see-through.

It was the oddest day I’ve had in work so far. There was only one dude at the office when I arrived. I’m not sure what his job is, I’ve only seen him photocopy and file receipts in all the time I’ve been here. He is always the first in the office though. Next to arrive, an hour later, was the office clown. He’s cool, probably the most similar to me out of everyone here. He looked like he’d been out the night before and spent an hour telling me about a club and the best way to get the girls. A good car is a must out here. Even Rocky Dennis could get it on with the ladies if he had a decent set of wheels it seems. I wonder how the Suzuki Wagon R would go down. The photocopy dude left and so it was just two of us until 2pm, which was cool because it meant it was the most English I had heard spoken here ever. I know it’s lame on my part not being able to pick up the lingo, but it is so hard. The contestants on the Czech version of countdown would probably pick eight consonants and a vowel and still get at least a seven-letter word.


Play “Night Train”

The rest of the gang showed up around five. They had been pitching loads of the stuff we researched last month. I thought they were doing that ages ago. I’m kept in the dark about everything. All went well and they loved all of the work we had done. I only stuck around for another hour. I needed to get home, get ready and get back out to meet my mate. We’re off to see Beardyman now. Catch ya laters.


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