The Most Toast

I heard how horrible it was outside before I saw it. The sound of puddles being disturbed by passing cars and the wind blowing through the trees, was the greeting to my day, just before the sight of fog and misery. I washed under the warm rain of the shower, dreading the cold rain that awaited me in the outside world. The cheap but nice toast briefly distracted me but far too soon, it was time to hit the road. Thankfully the rain had stopped but it was pretty windy and the temperature had plummeted again; you can’t win them all.

Again there was hardly anyone in the office. Just the three of us, none of who could help me with my work and so I cracked on with my latest piece. The time flew by as it so often does here and soon it was time to eat and so the three of us went to lunch together. We went to the Retro bistro. I think it must be the place I was told about on my first day here, but I had got it mixed up with the retro bar down the road that always seems closed. The food was great; they were serving up ‘old skool’ Czech classics. I had a goulash, but with rice instead of dumplings. The bistro had a mix of tables, some designed to sit at and some for standing. We decided to stand, a great way to dine and it probably aids digestion. When we were finished, we put our dirty plates into the shopping trolley provided and returned to work.

The afternoon went as quick as the morning. I left work at 6:30 and headed home for a few slices of toast before nipping back out for my game of footy. I lost again. I’m always on the rubbish team. Bah! As it was Graeme’s final night in Prague, we went for a quick beer and to catch the end of the champion’s league. I wasn’t the only loser in football, Man Utd also lost and they crashed out of the competition with a whimper. Which was nice!

I bid farewell to Graeme. A sad occasion as he’s a good lad, but we’ll keep in touch and hopefully meet up again for beers, next time in a warmer climate. I got home and spoke with Dom for a bit before hitting the shower for the second time of the day. It was almost 1am, far too late for cooking, an hour too late even for a midnight snack, so I kept up with the repeating of my morning routine, and had a few rounds of the cheap and tasty toast.


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