Feedback To The Future

It was bleak again this morning. No rain but cold and dark, and certainly no sign of snow. I am seriously getting bored of the morning commute. And the one home is just as bad. A bit of snow would surely brighten up my journey, slipping and sliding to the tram stop, maybe lob a snowball at a cat, build a snowman, and it would change the scenery a bit too.

Again there was hardly anyone in work. They all like to come in late and stay late. I’d prefer to get here earlier. If I stayed until 8 or 9 o’clock every night I’d have no time to do anything in the evenings. Plus I’d probably starve to death. Eventually my colleagues turned up. No sign of the VICE UK contact and so I made Adam phone him. He turned up an hour later and apologized for not checking my work and promised he’d go through it with me. Yeeeeee ha! And with that bit of good news, it was time for lunch.

I hit the smelly restaurant with the bad music TV, as it was the closest and I was desperate to get back to work to get a grilling from the editor. Due to everyone coming in late, they worked through and so I dined alone. With no one to explain the menu to me, I had to play lunch roulette. Fortunately I won. My food arrived and it was pork (obviously) sprinkled with onions and juniper berries, served with chips and a mayonnaise-less coleslaw.

I returned to work and sat down with the editor. The feedback was pretty good. Better than I expected to be honest. He told me it was well written but too long so I’ve got to chop bits out. Once I’ve edited it down to a sufficient size, we’ll meet again and then send it off to HQ in London. He said the subjects were cool enough and didn’t see a problem with it getting published, but he did warn me that the woman he deals with in the UK sometimes doesn’t even respond to his e-mails. I know how that feels. So all in all, not bad news but I’m not going to get ahead of myself yet. Don’t want to jinx anything.

I spent the rest of the afternoon chopping bits out of the articles. I still have a bit to do on them so that’s my focus tomorrow. I stopped for food on the way home. I wanted to go to a restaurant where I went with Mel and Martin, but I got on the wrong tram and so I went to the Vietnamese place down the road from my house.

India is back from her trip to the UK so we had a good auld chat when I got home. She said how much warmer it feels in the UK and it’s weird being able to understand everyone because it feels a bit like you’re eavesdropping all the time. I’m pretty deaf so no worries for me on that front. I may do a Martin when I get back and strut off the plane wearing a T-shirt.

Got some homework to do now. It’s relentless. It’s the last assignment though so once it’s done it’s done. Apart from the rework I’ll inevitably have to do.



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