Fried Egg Friday

On my way home from meeting the volunteer coordinator on Thursday, I passed a sign advertising ‘hemenex’ which is the Czech word for ‘Ham & Eggs’, a dish that is just a pile of chips away from being Franks favourite dinner. If all translation were as simple as that, I’d be a language expert. Anyway, getting some runny yolk inside me was my morning mission. I found the café but alas, it was not a café, it was a hotel, and they had stopped serving breakfast. I wasn’t giving up though, I had thought about it too long and was like a dog with a bone, except I didn’t have a bone, or ham and eggs. I needed to get out of the area. Get away from the tourist bit, full of expensive cafes and sausage vendors, before my weak mind gave up and I ended up having a hot dog for brekkie.

I boarded a tube, still unsure where I was actually going. I knew there were a few stops that I didn’t want to get off at as I have been to those areas enough times to know they would be of no use to me. The law of averages took me to Hradanska, and after about ten minutes or so of wandering the back streets, I stumbled on exactly what I was looking for. I ordered a coffee and the holy grail of ham and eggs and sat down, excited and smug about my discovery. My food and drink arrived and was accompanied by a little salad consisting of tomatoes, cucumber and butter, which I originally mistook for cheese and took a bite of it. At least it wasn’t margarine. The food was awesome and so satisfied I got a coffee to go, and headed for the tram.

I spent the afternoon rotating my time between homework, housework and Greesearch whilst I waited for my one-to-one Skype lecture at half three. At twenty past three, I received an email from my lecturer rescheduling the chat until tomorrow as she has lost her voice. Hooray, school on a Saturday. I was also disappointed about the lack of feedback on my article. They are more laid back than me over here, which is nice but I’m running out of time and I’ll no doubt be told to rewrite large portions if not all of it.

I spoke to Dom for a while before Cian Facebooked me with news of our meeting place. I had some dinner and hit the road. We went to the cave bar again and like always lost track of time. Cian never made it out as his mate’s flight got in late. We still had fun though. We met a couple and spent the night with them, an Italian lad and a girl from LA. They were fencers so I got to learn and forget the rules about fencing. It sounds way better than my memories of watching it on the telly. The night flew by and before we knew it, it was 4am and home time. Gonna miss Graeme when he goes.


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