Wright Here,Write Now

I haven’t written a blog for a couple of days. Time got away from me Monday and I was out too late last night to type one up. Luckily I have caught up with everything, apart from enough sleep, and have had a bit of time this morning, so sit back, relax and feast your eyes on this.

Much of Tuesday was spent chasing facts and photos, tweaking the article, chasing answers for another article and more chasing for another article. I was busy, I was multi-tasking and I was getting kind of nervous. Nervous that I wouldn’t get the photo’s, the interview questions or permission to go to the Billionaires bunker. That would have meant a lot of time being wasted and piled on the pressure of trying to get something in print.

With the working day done I took my mind off what I couldn’t control and went to play football. I was on the losing side again. I now have a one hundred percent success rate of losing. I managed to get a goal, set a few up, played well, got some exercise and had a good old shout at the rest of my team, so it wasn’t a total disaster. I also met a cool Kosovar dude who has a similar nose to me, who may become a new drinking buddy.

It was half ten by the time I got home so after a Skype with Dom, a fish finger sandwich on some cheap, but amazing toasted bread, and a shower, it was time to mynd yr gweli.


Some of the sandwich

The photos came through Tuesday evening so I spent Wednesday morning downloading them whilst trying not to eat my fingers, which smelt of my lovely morning toast. After lunch; a tortilla filled with beef and salad, from a new place I found, I sent my article to the editors. Neither of them were in the office today and so I have to nervously wait for any feedback. On the plus side though, the interview questions came back and so I finished the first draft of that article. I just need a question re-answered and that is pretty much good to go. I also got a reply from the ‘secret bunker’ dude and although access to the top secret location is forbidden, he has given me the four digit code to gain access to the website, something that only one other magazine has been able to do. I should get a bonus for that alone.

I penned a quick draft of the article for the bunker. It was a good day at the office, for getting a lot of stuff done at least. My mate in work also invited me to go and see Beardyman with him next week, so that should be a laugh. As well as taking me out for a few beers, he has also agreed to drink a beer in the nearest bar at every metro stop with me. It is a craze here with the college kids and one that I thought might be a good write up. It’ll definitely be a good piss up, there are eighteen stops.


Beardyman in the mother fucking house y’all

I finished work at six, I was going to stay longer but I was hungry, had done all the work I needed to do, and was again waiting for responses before I could continue. Plus, everyone bar another guy who sits in the other office has gone home.

I got home and had a good auld chat with India before heading back out to watch the Liverpool game. I had worked hard and not only had I earned a beer, I needed one to take my mind off the feedback. I am expecting the worst.

The football was good, Liverpool battered Southampton and are now in the semi finals. The news after the football wasn’t so good. We, not us lot; the idiots running the country, have decided on going to war. Off to fight fear with fire. Depressing news, but sadly not surprising. I might try and start a crowd-funder to buy the secret bunker. Going to need somewhere to shelter from the nukes.

I ended up staying out late again. The cave club weaving it’s time distortion magic on us again meant I didn’t roll in until 2:30. On a bloody school night too.




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