Bomb Appetit

It was like autumn again today. The sun was shining as the British bombs rained down on Syria. I didn’t feel too rough either, quite surprisingly too, as I had a fair few beers last night. Still, I left for working feeling a bit down; our Government has voted to start bombing Syria, an idiotic move which contradicts Cameron’s stance on the matter a couple of months ago. So we’ll now see more civilian deaths more refugees and more radicalization, a vicious circle, a not-so-merry-go-round of war.

Work was busy again, more writing, rewriting, e-mailing and looking for more things to write and rewrite. I still haven’t had an update on my article other than the two editors are going to sit down tomorrow and go through it. I was told that they would let me know if it was amazing, shit or somewhere in the middle. If it’s amazing, all systems go. If it’s shit, it’s back to the writing board, and if it’s in the middle, we’ll have a meeting on Monday to work on it together. Can you all cross your fingers for me please?

After work I went to meet a lady who coordinates volunteers for various projects which focus on the refugee crisis. The venue had changed from where we were originally supposed to meet and I ended up at the wrong café to start with. After a quick coffee and an e-mail chat with her, I eventually found the right place. Thank the Lord for WiFi. We chatted for an hour or so over some really good lemonade. She wasn’t who I thought she was but nonetheless, she was able to give me loads of good information about the refugee situation in the Czech Republic and surrounding countries. In fact, she is probably more useful to me as she has a wealth of knowledge and contacts. The Czech people get a bit of bad press for their attitude towards refugees, probably because of their president who has made some pretty awful remarks in the press, but she gave me a good insight into the many volunteer organizations out here and of the many Czech’s helping out abroad. There are always some good eggs amongst the bad apples.

After the meeting I headed back to the tube station, stopping for a quick butchers at the Christmas market. I had a wander round with a hot dog before jumping on the tube home. It is starting to get real Christmassy here now. Still no proper snow though.

I’m pretty tired now so I’m going to put my feet up and stick a documentary on. If you need me for anything, you know where I am.


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