Homework Bound

I didn’t mind Monday’s back home. Well, ‘didn’t mind’ is too strong a wording; I used to tolerate Mondays back home. Once the daily grind of office life had passed, I would be running around like a man twenty years my junior, scoring goals for fun. Today though has been pretty brutal. It is hard enough getting out of my bed at the best of times due to it being six inches off the ground, but today, the weekends drinking and lack of sleep had taken it’s toll and it was extra tough to rise and shine.

The working day was really good though. The fresh, crisp, air sorted my hangover out and so I felt human by the time I got to my desk. I wrote and edited my article and am now just waiting on the photos and some facts to be confirmed before handing it in to the editor. I was also given the green light to chase up the story about a secret underground bunker for the elite. If they let me visit the place I’ll be able to do a story on it, something that only ‘Forbes’ have been granted permission for so far. My boss also made me get a load of pictures for the ‘coffee’ blog we will be writing if the third party we are doing the blog for gives us the thumbs up. That was the worst part of work today, but only because my computer is so slow it took forever.

Speaking of pictures, I need to add one today. It’s breaks up the block of text and gives you something better to look at. Me and Dom saw the below sign at the farmers market and we believe it depicts the evolution of the chicken. We can put to bed the age old argument about what came first as there is no egg in sight. The rooster is the first to appear, he evolves into a goose who in turn, evolves into a chicken. Then Paul Daniels comes to the party, puts the chicken in his hat and pulls out a rabbit. Now that’s magic. As with all evolution, it is starting to go full circle, and soon the rabbit turns into a chick. Rinse and repeat.

photo 104

The evolution of the chicken.

I think I was robbed again today. Either that or I lost my dessert pastie. A pastry containing jam and something white, that I was looking forward to. I also have some dreaded homework to complete, so instead of playing football like I did in my previous life, I shall be mostly typing stuff this evening. The day started bad and will finish bad


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