When Good Deeds Go Wrong

A much better start to the day today, although tired, I wasn’t aching and on looking out of the window, I saw that it was proper snowing. If it’s going to be freezing, it may as well look cool. I showered, ate breakfast and left the house, excited to see what Prague looked like in a blanket of white. The snow hadn’t settled yet so I was a bit disappointed but the day was young and there was plenty of time for the cold stuff to stick.

I got to work and only my boss was in. It’s normally only a few of us in before eleven, but this was the quietest it’s ever been, especially as my boss sits in a different office. I cracked on with writing a bit of background to the migrant story and chased up the dude who’s taking me to the detention centre. My mate Graeme wants to come too and so I needed to ensure he has room for all of us. I still don’t know if it’s tomorrow or Friday we are going so I needed him to confirm that too. As well as the migrant story I am also trying to do a Q&A piece with the ex pat Zizkov fans so I chased them up too, and also spent a bit of time looking for interesting things for me and my new photographer mate to investigate.

Lunchtime arrived and I set off in search of a new place to eat. My plan was to get a tram a few stops and see what the neighbouring villages had to offer, but en route to the tram stop I saw a sign advertising ‘fresh food’ in what, up until now, I’ve assumed was a public toilet. I decided to give it a go. I walked in and spun on my heels and walked back out. It was a kebab shop. Who eats kebabs unless they’ve got a belly full of beer? It may as well have been a toilet. Back to plan ‘A’, well for a while at least. I then discovered a Thai place that I originally thought was a sushi place. I’ve been wrong a few times it would appear. Who’d have thunk it? After ordering I headed to the only window seat available at exactly the same time as a girl was going to sit at it. Ever the gentleman I said she could have the table. She said she was waiting for a takeaway and said we could both sit there as she’d be gone before my food arrived. Result. We got chatting and I think I offended her when she said she travels all over the city for different classes in university, and I asked if she was a teacher. She was a student of course but I couldn’t tell. I even got her country of origin wrong. I thought she was from the US of A but she was Czech. I was having a bad brain day. My food arrived, her food arrived, and with a long green bean hanging out of my mouth, I bid her farewell.

The lunchtime excitement didn’t end there. On leaving the restaurant I found a large set of keys attached to a purse, lying in the road. I picked them up but was confused as what to do with them. There were a few people the other side of the road and a few people at the tram stop. None looked like they had lost their money or keys, if indeed there is such a look. I waved them in the air at no one in particular, looked inside the purse to see if it had a clue to the owner, before doing what I’d do at home, and took them to the police station. I’m not sure if that’s the right move here though, but I wasn’t sure what else to do.

I entered the police station and spoke with a woman who had no idea what I was saying. Another woman came out and she spoke a little English. She informed me that the building wasn’t a police station and so I left, stared at the big sign hanging above the door saying ‘police station’ and with my eyes distracted, I stood in a big fucking dog shit. How can that happen to someone in the middle of a good deed? I could’ve taken the money and lobbed the keys away. No one would have known. Do to others what others have done to me. The owners may have had more chance of finding it if I’d binned them rather than handing them over to the local police.

Now I was stumped. Confused and with a boot of filth, I splashed about in a puddle for a while before going back into the place to ask exactly where the police station was. This time the woman said it was a police station, so I explained as best I could where I found the keys and purse, handed them over and left. I headed to the park. There was grass in the park and grass removes dog shit. I must have looked like a prize idiot as I ran my foot back and forth in the same fashion as a bull just before it charges. The age-old trick worked though and I headed back to the office as clean as I’d left.

The afternoon was a bit weird. As I typed away the rest of the office had an angry or nice meeting. To my untrained ears, it always seems like they are aggressive towards one another but they don’t ever seem to be upset by the outcome.

After work I had a quick snack and waited for my supposedly quick Skype lecture to begin. The snack was way quicker than the lecture and so I was late leaving to meet my mates to watch the football. I grabbed a hot dog en route and met them at the Irish bar, which is the best place to watch the match. It was a disappointing game for my Man Utd supporting buddies as it finished in a goalless draw. We were about to leave when we got talking to the group behind us, and took up their offer of joining them for a drink in a bar down the road. The drink turned into a few and before I knew it, it was half one. None of them had work the next day so I left them to it and staggered off home. A good day that’s going to hurt tomorrow.


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