The day started bad. Not only did I have to eat my toast with margarine, I also had to eat it burnt. Stupid toaster. After that it was onward and upwards though. With work being fairly quiet I got the chance to walk a few miles in Grees muns shoes and do some research on the detention centre I’m visiting this week. It sounds like a right horrible place. There are stories of the guards stripping the migrants and taking their money to pay for their incarceration, even though they haven’t done anything wrong and don’t want to be locked up. I also read that a load of the migrants started a hunger strike, whether or not they are still keeping it up I don’t know, but I guess I will find out either Thursday or Friday

I kind of made friends with a photographer from VICE too, a crazy dude who looks like a large version of Matty Miles. He said he is looking for some adventurous stuff to snap, so hopefully me and him are going to go and look for some stories next week. He kept telling me to ring him and I kept telling him my phone was nicked, but I’ve got his e-mail address so I’ll drop him a line on Friday. Things are gonna get hairy I reckon, but in a fun way.

After work I had football. The 8:30pm kick off didn’t leave me much time to do anything other than eat more toast, grab my kit and head back out the door, back into the subzero temperature. Thankfully the tram is pretty much door to door, and the football pitch is inside a massive dome tent, so I wasn’t exposed to the elements for too long. I saw an urban rabbit on my journey to football. Do we get them back home? I don’t know if it was wild, a stray or a rabbit sized moving statue, but there it was, hopping along on the side of the road, with his big, little ears sticking up and looking quite relaxed about the whole thing.

Football was fun and less painful than last time, although I was on the losing side yet again. I didn’t score this time either. Again we played longer than we were supposed to and so there wasn’t enough of the televised champions league games left for the others to deem worthy of going for a pint, and so we arranged to meet up tomorrow instead. With handshakes all round I left to get my tram. Not having a pint was probably a good thing, it’s gone midnight and I’m only just having dinner.

My mate sent me some photos of our day out at the football last weekend. There are quite a few and as it’s well bad late, I can’t be bothered to download them right now. I’ll save that for a nice little treat for you all tomorrow. Nos da!


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