Snow There’s Not

It snowed today. It snowed from when I woke up to at least when I got back from lunch. It was rubbish snow though. There was hardly any falling at all. It was more like walking past someone with a bit of dandruff in a gust of wind, so obviously none of it stuck and so no snow ball fights for me tonight. I have seen some photographic evidence of snow in other parts of the country though so hopefully it’s in the post.

Work was quite slow today so I mixed it up with chatting to a few people by e-mail. Not the skiving kind of e-mail chat either I hasten to add. I have secured a lift to the migrant detention centre on either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning, and also got a meeting with the lady who works for a charity that helps the migrants in Prague. She’s booked us into a bistro a week Wednesday when she returns from Brussels. Hopefully VICE will let me put it on expenses. Kerching! I also e-mailed a couple of the people I went to the football with on the weekend with some questions about their time as lower league football supporters. Hopefully their answers will be interesting enough to get a story from too.

For lunch I went to the Vietnamese restaurant that I went to with Dom the other week. It was far too cold to walk the streets looking for somewhere and I felt like I needed something healthy and warming. I didn’t want my eye to get as warm as it did though after I rubbed it after handling the chili. Thankfully I hadn’t needed a wee or that would’ve been serious trouble.

I left work at six and headed home to do the homework that I should’ve done yesterday. A rather productive day, sadly one that’s boring to hear about, but hopefully one which will see me get to write a couple of articles at long last.


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