Admintising, Advertistration

It’s soooo gross here today. Cold, wet and dark but I had received a reply from the tram lost property department telling me where they were located, and so instead of having a lie in, I got out of bed and headed there. I’d e-mailed them in the week on the off chance of me losing my phone on the tram and the prostitutes weren’t to blame after all. No joy though. That’s two tickets bought and no raffles won. The pro’s are cons.

I returned home, stopping only to get myself some lunch. I’m sad to say that it was another baguette. A chicken one this time though so you can forgive me. First taste of chicken since I’ve been here I think.

It’s one of those days where I was mighty glad that I didn’t have to venture outside again. I was going to lock myself away and get on with my admin tasks. My IMEI number was e-mailed to me yesterday so I need to send that to the cop shop. I’d had a reply from a lady who manages the volunteers that help out the migrants, and so I requested a meeting with her next week. I also got a response from the man who visits the detention centre and I’ve requested a trip there with him. The ayahuasca dudes also got back to me saying they had a ceremony in December but it is in Peru. Bit out of the way that. I replied anyway asking if they know of anyone in the Czech Republic who can help, but not heard anything back so far. Busy day off.

Commercial break. As I’ve now got a million followers, I thought I’d drop a couple of free advertisements in and give you all a chance to take a break from reading and feast your eyes on some pictures.

First up, Abbie and Marcos, reckon we could do a spray job on the Suzuki Wagon R and advertise Marcos’ massages like this bad boy?

photo 92

‘Wild Wood Therapies’ would look great on the side of the hunk of junk that I get to drive. Yioti, any chance of a photoshop?

Next up, this fat little dog won’t just eat you out of house and home, he’ll eat your house and home. A call to CF Paws will sort ‘Rover’ right out


CF Paws will turn the cow, pig, dog back into a regular dog.

Drink sensibly.

photo 91

Club Torres, not a place on Kerry’s list of clubs to visit.

The rest of my morning was spent hurriedly doing my homework for the Skype lesson. The homework is becoming as tiresome as my daily commute. The Skype lesson went on longer than scheduled and we were given even more homework. I need to get myself a dog. Preferably the one in the picture.

The afternoon and early evening was spent doing homework, researching the migrant situation here and making plans for tomorrow, another early start awaits me as I’m off to an away match. I’m part of Viktoria Zizkov’s foreign legion and the train leaves at 10. I’ve also got Cian’s birthday celebrations to attend so a full day out on the pop beckons. I’d best get practicing with that bottle of wine in the fridge.


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