Cheese day is the new Wednesday

The tree outside my house was dancing in the wind this morning. Dancing like a maniac, waving its branches in the air like it just didn’t care. Not quite as wild as the hurricane Abigail winds or indeed as wild as my dear friend Abi, but enough to make leaving the house an unpleasant task. It also made me think of home a bit. I have heard it through the grapevine, and read on the old interweb, that you guys in the U.K are getting a bit of a hammering from the weather at the moment. Sheds blowing over, tiles flying off roofs, floods and all the other rubbish things that winter brings with her. I thought I’d be getting it bad here but aside from the odd freezing cold day, I’ve been lucky so far.

I ended up going to work a little later than planned as I over slept. It doesn’t matter though as I have no start and finish times, but I have a lot on and wanted to crack on. With the late start it means lunch comes around fast. I wanted to avoid the sandwich shop but also didn’t want to go to a restaurant and spend extra money. First world problems at its finest. This led me to walk around Lidl for ages before leaving empty handed. I then walked the streets for a bit and ending up at the sandwich shop. Bugger! If I was eating at the sandwich shop I was going for something other than a baguette, and so I ordered a pizza shaped slab of cheese on toast, and a cheese pasty. Cheesey does it. Cheese us Christ. Cheese an easy lover, and other cheese based puns. To be honest I was gambling with the pasty. I knew for sure it wasn’t a fish pasty as I somehow know the Czech for fish, but other than that, I was putting my lunch in the hands of the pasty God, and no, I don’t mean Greggs.

Lunch was good. Well for me at least. I don’t know if the guy sat next to me appreciated my double cheese burden, but I was fairly pleased. The afternoon sailed by and before I knew it, it was 6:30pm and it was quitting time. I didn’t fancy battling the wind up the thousand steps to the tube, and so I decided on getting a tram to a different tube station, as a time and energy saving exercise. As per the norm with my ‘short cuts’ I ended up making a pigs ear of it and got off the tram in the wrong place. I wandered about for a bit and found the reggae boat bar, with the swing seats that me and Dom went to a few weeks back, so it wasn’t all doom and gloom. I eventually came across the tube station and made my way home. Even though I have a few different routes and modes of transport to get me to and from work, I am starting to find the commute tiresome. Even ‘E Bay Pavloafer’ fails to evoke the same grin that it used to.

I got home and rustled up some dinner. Boiled spuds, (because of the complete lack of masher) carrots, frozen spinach and pork chops. If you ever get the opportunity to eat frozen spinach, don’t do it. It tastes like chewy water.

Lukas called round after dinner. He gave us our new monthly travel cards and invited us to another group night out next week. He said it was likely to be a karaoke bar and we should get some fancy dress costumes. Fancy dress I don’t mind, but karaoke, that’s not fair on anyone if I have to sing. Jones the voice I am not.

Due to my lack of phone I am unable to take any photos when I am out and about. As I want to add some visuals to the blog, starting from tomorrow, I’m just going to add random snaps from my iPad. I’m pretty certain I’ve got quite a few that I haven’t stuck on here as they are not relevant to anything and so I’ll add them and make something up. A tall tale or two never hurt anyone.


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