No joking around, it’s time to be Siri-less

Thanks to the hooker thieves my day has revolved around my stolen iPhone. I spent this morning searching the web for information on locating my IMEI number. Something I still haven’t managed to find out. Should’ve kept the box, that’ll learn me. I was also glued to the ‘find my iPhone’ app hoping that I could track it down and reunite myself with it. No such luck. The phone is switched off so I’m going to have to kiss it goodbye. I’m not as gutted as I thought I’d be. I’m more annoyed about Dom’s camera to be honest. All my photos are backed up on the iPad and I got the phone for nothing anyway. It’s a ball ache losing all my numbers but such is life.

I went to the police station at 5pm. The same station I went to the other week and the lady recognized me. “What is it this time?” she said. I explained what happened and fortunately for both of us, no drawing was required. It would have been a long night if I’d had to get my sketching hat on. “A boat? It’s a phone. It doesn’t look anything like a boat. Look, that’s the numbers and I’ve even done a speech bubble with Siri’s voice saying it’s a phone”

I got speaking to an English girl whilst waiting for the crime report to be written. She was in for a stolen phone too and it was taken from her in the same area that mine was robbed. Funnily enough, she had only gone to that neck of the woods to see what all the police presence was about. She never did find out and now she is going to have a phoneless holiday. No selfies on Charles Bridge for her.

Once the report was typed up and I’d signed my name to lot’s of paperwork that was written in Czech, (I’ve probably confessed to robbing that English lasses phone, and I’ll be hauled in next week once Vodaphone have e-mailed the police to say her phone has been stolen) I went for some food. It’s really boring having dinner on your own. It’s even more boring waiting for your dinner when you’re on your own. Especially when you’ve got nothing to read and no bloody phone to play ‘snake’ on.

With dinner done, I passed through the scene of the crime to get my tube home. There was not a sticky knickers, sticky fingered, lady of the night in sight and so I didn’t have to worry about my wallet, keys or crime report getting lifted.

I’m not going to let the phone situation bother me. There’s a lot more things going on in the world to worry about than the loss of material possessions. And besides, at least I’m running out of stuff for people to steal off me.


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