Trams, Trims and Tings

As I had no plans today other than getting my beard tidied up, I put my time to good use and headed to some pawn shops to see if Doms camera had been sold on to any of them. A long shot but worth a go, if you don’t buy a ticket you won’t win the raffle. The first couple I was to try were in the same neighbourhood as the club where the camera got half inched from, and as one of them closed at midday, I skipped breakfast at the farmers market, got a roll from the sarnie shop by the tube station and boarded the first of the many trams I would travel on today.

I found the first shop and had a look round. There were a few cameras in there but they all appeared to be one step up from the polaroid. I chatted to the guy behind the counter who said he hadn’t bought any cameras recently and joked that his shop was more like a museum. The next shop was pretty much the same, stocked with stuff that you’d expect to see on the conveyer belt of the generation game in the 80’s.

I had an hour to kill before my appointment with my stylist and so took a flying visit to the farmers market for a spot of lunch. The queue for the calamari was too long and so I grabbed a burger from the stall opposite. I’m glad I did too as it was ace and I’ve had a little bit of a burger craving this week. I ate on the move as time was against me.





The tube stop by the barbers was the tube I ended up at on my evening of getting lost. The TV tower with the doll sculptures is right near it, and it looks a lot smaller in the daylight. According to the lonely planet it’s Prague’s tallest landmark but it didn’t seem like you’d be able to see the whole city from the top. I’ll have to check it out properly when I have more time.

You look bigger on the telly

You look bigger on the telly

The barbers is much more classy than the one I use back home. The barbers were suited up and I was given a nice drop of rum on entering, which did a grand job of warming me up. It’s a miserable day here today. It started off quite bright but soon became like a really cold version of the weather back home; grey, windy and with a bit of light drizzle thrown in for good measure. I had three different cutting utensils used on me. Beard trimmer, scissors and cut throat blade. How he didn’t chop my eyes out with the scissors I’ll never know. He did a good job though and gave me some cologne and beard oil before setting me on my merry way.

photo 82

Complimentary rum to settle the pre trim nerves

I got a tram to my next port of call, a part of the city that I’ve never been to before. The pawn shop was right next to the tram stop but was closed, and so after a ten minute wait in the bitter cold I got another tram to the next shop. This one was a bit trickier to find as it doubled up as a bar. I can imagine some people go in there, flog their gear and then spend all the cash they’ve just made, at the bar on the way out. Doh! Again the shop didn’t have anything remotely similar to Dom’s camera and so I left and got the tube to the next shop. That was closed too. Both of the closed ones were advertised as open until 6 so I’ll have to take a trip back to them on Tuesday as it’s another bank holiday here and I have the day off again.

I’d run out of shops to visit and my hands were turning blue so defeated and deflated I headed back home. My South African mate had text me earlier in the day to see if I wanted to go for a pint but as we’re going to watch a football match early doors tomorrow I declined. We’re off to check out Viktoria Zizhkov who play in the 2nd division. Apparently they are the oldest team in the country and they do the best sausages, so the bit of history and the good food will make watching Sunday league standard footy less of a blow.

I spent the rest of the afternoon chatting with Dom. I shouldn’t really be speaking to her as she didn’t deem my #SameShirt video worthy of winning. To make matters worse only one other team entered the competition. When you come last in a competition of two entrants and your girlfriend is the judge you know it’s bad. The rest of my evening will be spent watching TV on my own. My housemates are out drinking but I’ve got to be out of the door by 9am tomorrow so I didn’t fancy joining them. The early worm catches the tram.


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