Thirst day night, cry day morning

It was the first time since we’ve started our work placements that I’ve seen both of my housemates before leaving for work. It was a refreshing change to have a conversation with people before heading out the door. I ruined my toast with the margarine and got stuck into breakfast, phoned Dom then left for work. I’ve used my camera a fair bit lately, much more than I normally do, but I was too slow on the draw today and missed a great video opportunity. Some guy at the tube station had his headphones on and was obviously loving the tune he was listening too as he was pulling off some serious moves on the platform, oblivious to the rest of the commuters, dancing like no one was watching.

Other than finding out it was a girl in the offices’ last day, the rest of the morning was pretty uneventful. It turns out that she is in charge of looking after Scooter for their Prague gig and is picking them up from the airport and then hanging round with them before and after the gig. I feel for her. Hopefully she won’t be able to hear the music from backstage. I saw their rider. Not one request for a massive bowl of just red M&M’s or a bucket of caviar.

A stark contrast to the list of demands from The Krankies when they were on tour.

A stark contrast to the list of demands from The Krankies when they were on tour.

Had a microwaved sausage and salad sarnie again for my lunch. I don’t think it’s weird anymore. The salad isn’t really affected by getting nuked and I think these kind of sausages need to be eaten warm. Again it was smothered in ketchup and mustard, and again it was messy eating it. Well worth it though because the sausages are amazing.

The afternoon sped by and we even had some tunes on in the office to get us in the mood for going out. We went out in separate groups as a few people worked on and a few people went home for food before coming out. I was in the first group and so had dinner in the pub. I had sausage again. It was like a black pudding kind of sausage but a bit runny. It was served with some cabbage and bread, and was very, very tasty. Right up there with the best. Everywhere does table service so you don’t go to the bar for drinks. In the first pub they gave us a piece of paper and marked down the beers we had. In the second one you have to either remember how many you’ve had or just trust the waiter to not rip you off. I have no idea how many pints I had but I was pretty wasted by the end of the night.

mmmmmm namichany pivni syr

mmmmmm namichany pivni syr

photo 73

Beer bingo

We had a laugh and it was nice to get to know everyone a bit better as it’s quite quiet in the office due to everyone’s workloads. Most of us stayed out until just after midnight but as all of them had work in the morning we decided against going on to a club. As I had a twenty-minute wait for the tram and was pretty drunk, Adam got a taxi for me and said he’d put it on the company account. I still gave the taxi driver some money though. It took me about five minutes to persuade him to take it too. He was refusing it like he’d get the bullet for accepting any kind of payment. Fair play. Taxi drivers have a pretty bad reputation here for ripping off foreigners, but my driver was the polar opposite.

photo 74

I don’t really remember much after that. My second bout of fresh air stopped my memory gland from working and the next thing I know I’m waking up with a tidy little hangover, but extremely pleased that I can recollect the evening up until arriving home and I have nothing to apologize to my colleagues for. Result!


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