Same shirt, different day

As mentioned previously, I was a bit rough on waking. I don’t work on a Friday as I have a Skype lecture, and so the little extra sleep I had fortunately diluted the hangover somewhat. I had offered to make dinner for the house and so I needed to pop out and grab some ingredients. As I was feeling a little worse for wear I headed to the Tesco up the road rather than frying my brain at the next closest supermarket, a place I’m not overly keen on ever returning to, Kaufland. Typically, very little helped and I came away with some missing and some substituted items of shopping.

I returned home and prepared for my Skype lesson, flung a few e-mails and tweets off, creating unnecessary extra work for someone at GCHQ, before having a quick chat with Dom and creating my own masterpiece for her #SameShirt campaign competition. The idea was to film yourself and a partner doing a header challenge and tweet it. The prize being a couple of tickets to the clash of the titans, Wales V Holland. I am not in the country so I wanted my prize to be the given to the second best video. It’s the taking part that counts. I was alone and I didn’t have a ball so I had to improvise. Not wanting to head a table or the microwave, I decided on using a teddy giraffe as a makeshift football. It wasn’t an easy task filming myself but after several takes I had managed to get the footage I needed, four seconds of me headbutting a toy giraffe through the air. Watch out Spielberg.

Filming took me up to my lesson, one and a half hours of chatting through completed work and our next couple of assignments. Riveting it was not. We have more homework to be completed by Tuesday, some of which I had already started, and so with nothing better to do I spent the next couple hours doing that.

I then took to the tiny room, also known as the kitchen, and began making dinner: squash stuffed with more squash, spinach and goats cheese. Unsure if it was actually goats cheese but it did the job. India gave the dining room a bit of a transformation and Hristina got the wine in. Dinner was served and we all sat down to eat together in the house for the first time since we’ve been here. It was a mighty pleasant affair. Due to our different finish times and social lives we tend to eat at different times so was cool to get round the table together, have a munch and a chin wag. The wine was good too. So good that I ended up going down the shop and getting another couple of bottles. On doing so I realized how cheap the beer is. 100 Kc (£2.60) for a bottle of wine and 24 Kc (62 Pence) for a bottle of beer. My good friend Ryan would love it here.

Pre spinach pan of joy

Pre spinach pan of joy

Grubs up dudes!

Grubs up dudes!

The girls have gone to bed now and there’s still half a bottle of wine left so I’m going to put some music on and have a wee drink on my own.

You dancing?

You asking?

Na zdravi.


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