Good day no questions about it

Disappointing start to the day today, as on biting into my toasted bread, it would appear that the butter I bought yesterday may actually be margarine, a substance so poisonous that not even wild animals will eat it. I never knew ‘marge’ came in block form, I always thought it came in a little tub. Prague you city of wonders, beautiful and toxic wonders. My breakfast woes didn’t end there. I knocked the cheese grater off the side and unfortunately and stupidly, I caught it, resulting in a piece of my finer nail coming off. Wouldn’t have happened if I had butter fingers but we can blame that on Lidl and their margarine policy.

Whilst entering the tube station this morning I was handed the weirdest survey I have ever witnessed. It was a piece of paper informing you that it was a survey but there were no questions on it. At first I thought that you somehow had to open the paper, like a pay slip or the like, but no, it wouldn’t open. There was a QR code on it so I guessed that you must have to read the QR code and do the survey on-line. No one else seemed fazed and so being the model citizen I am, I put the survey in my bag to check out once I got to work. Model citizen I may be, but one with the memory of an orange mammal in a water cage and so I duly forgot about the survey. Until home time that is, but we’ll come to that later. Don’t worry, it’s nothing exciting.

Ask me one on sport.

Ask me one on sport.

There were only three of us in the office today and so we went to the smelly restaurant together for lunch. The music in there is worse than the smell. Ed Sheeran followed by Abba, followed by Mariah Carey, followed by Tiffany. You get the picture. With the exception of some tunes it was the stuff VH1 played fifteen years ago. I had a pint either side of my chicken, rice and warm coleslaw and returned to work feeling proper Czech.

I left work at 6:30, early for me these days, as my eyes were getting done in from looking at a computer screen pretty much non-stop for the last couple of days. I got to the tube and was handed another survey. Again it didn’t have questions on it, just the instruction to hand it in at the tube exit. I think, and I may be wrong, that it’s the kind of survey you do on geography field trips in school. They must be counting the people who use the tube and what journeys they make or something. Was all tally charts in my day.

I got home and chatted to the girls for a bit before cooking up the spag bol I didn’t get round to making yesterday, and listened to a bit of Nirvana, live at Reading, in the process. You should stick it on Clare and Gaz, it may bring back some memories, well for one of you at least. 🙂

And that was my day thus far. Next up is a Skype with Dom and then I’m gonna watch ‘Montage of heck’ cos I’m in the mood for some more Kurt Cobain.

Night all Xx


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